Hussla 027 Chromium 19x10

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Special Price $320.00

*Wheels come wrapped with delivery or store pickup including wheel nuts, hub rings and accessories.

HUSSLA 027, what can we say about this wheel by Hussla? This wheel has been put on thousands of vehicles Australia wide. The classic concave straight spokes are an ultimate work of art sitting perfect is aesthetic and design. They are constructed as a lightweight wheel and in an amazing clean and flawless finish. They clear big brakes and are available in multiple offsets and stud patterns. A day doesn't go past with a new owner having the honour of dressing up his ride with these bad boys. Hussla 027 is a winner and we cannot keep up with demand. Get yours now before you miss out. This wheel is of premium quality both in structure and design. A track record of ultimate performance and warranties in place will give you the ease of mind when purchasing this wheel for your ride.
More Information
Model 027
Wheel Size 19X10
Load Rating Kg 700
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