Weekly Review- Week 11, 2016

Whoa, this week has been absolutely crazy! Week 11 already? As we promised last week, we’re taking all of the best moments at Ozzy Tyres this week and writing a short story on what goes on around here.

To end this week on a high note, we have just received a fresh shipment of KMC Wheels. Our stock levels are now topped up and we even have some new models on offer and ready to be sent out. Our KMC Wheels range has now expanded to 17 different options, most with 2 to 3 finish options each… as if you didn’t have enough to choose from! Week 11

Along with the KMC Wheels, truckloads of Hussla Wheels came rolling in so we now have plenty of stock ready for you guys! Hussla’s have been pretty popular, especially the Hussla Zane and Hussla Mia, both in dark tint. What exactly is a Dark Tint you might ask? Well it’s basically a black wheel which has had the face machined back to raw metal and from there, a clear coat with a dark grey tint has been added in. The end product means that through the day you’ll get the sharp edges of a dark/machined face wheel and then at night the rim will almost be completely black. How awesome is that?

Talking about popular, we managed to install quite a few sets of Monsta Tyres this week too! Monsta is an Australian owned tyre company, with their first production tyre being an all-terrain known as the ‘Terrain Gripper’. A year round tyre, with great performance in both dry and wet across all types of terrain. Its quality construction using premium resources have resulted not only in a quiet on road experience, but also with a comfortable and safe ride. Currently, the Terrain Gripper is in stock and available for 17, 18 and 20inch wheels. And the sizes available are : 265/65/R17, 265/70/R17, 265/60/R18, 285/60/R18, 265/50/R20, 285/50/R20.

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Now for the part you have all been waiting for… It is time to take a look at some of the cars that came in this week!


Ford Ranger Gets Addicted To Looking Good! KMC Addict

To start this week off, we had a customer come in with his new Ford Ranger. The new Ford Ranger is taking over Australian roads. It provides that rugged tough-guy look that we know most Aussies love, and this family man was no exception! He came into the store expressing how much he loves all the features and benefits that this big beauty has to offer… except for its factory wheels and tyres. So of course, Ozzy Tyres came to the rescue!

After numerous laps around our showroom he was able to narrow it down to a few preferences within the KMC XD range. And with careful consideration a wheel was finally chosen; the KMC Addict in Matte Black!

When it came to choosing size he decided it was time to go big or go home with a set of 20×9’s on all four corners! And to keep traction in all terrains, a set of Australia’s very own and newest tyre company finalised this modification with their very popular Monsta Terrain Grippers in 265/50/R20.

The end product is tidy, tough and perfect for the whole family!

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Holden VF SS Ute gets Lexani R12

We then had a Holden VF SS Ute come in. The Holden VF SS Ute is arguably the best looking ute that’s ever come from Australia’s domestic market. These days the SS packs an LS3, which was once only for Special Holden Vehicles, and with such tremendous power and sleek sports-car looks…What more could you want? Well this owner wanted to go above and beyond the standard SS Ute and add wheels, tyres and a subtle lowering!

We wanted to bring this owner’s fantasy to life. The search was on for a wheel that was; 1. Black with Polished Dish 2. Deep dish 3. Concave 4. Milled spoke egdes 5. Clear the big Brembo brakes and 6. A staggered set up.  Ok, so this owner knew exactly what he wanted, but lucky for him we had more than 1 wheel ready for him!

After some soul searching the Lexani R12 in Gloss Black with CNC Window and a Chrome lip seemed like the perfect wheel! These wheels matched all his original requirements, the final set being a staggered 20×8.5 up front and 20×10 down the back. Next up was maintaining traction, so a set of Lexani LX-Twenty tyres in 245/35/R20 on the front and 275/30/R20 on the rear.

The final product is mouth-watering to say the least!

Weekly Review Week 11

Weekly Review Week 11

Weekly Review Week 11

Weekly Review Week 11

Hussla 027 for 2016 Subaru STI

The heading might sound a little like an election ballot, but if you’re here and reading this, you will know exactly what Hussla is and its highest selling wheel the 027 or HXR027. It’s the perfect sports wheel to suit most applications, and in this case a brand spanking new Subaru STI!

With its pumped guards from factory, the new STI already has a very menacing stance, but with its factory width and offset wheels, the aggressive design is almost a let down… that is until Ozzy Tyres got involved. With a tough race look in mind, the owner of this new STI knew it was going to be a one-piece black mag wheel he was after, and after going through the showroom the Hussla range stood out. In the end a set of 18×8.75 Hussla 027 in Matte Black were opted for.  Along with a set of Dunlop 245/40R18 tyres, this brand new STI is ready to hunt apex’s down on the street and track.

The final outcome was a simple, but sleek new look.

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Godzilla, Nissan R34 GTR gets Hussla 027

Nissan R34 GTR’s are becoming quite the collectors’ car, with their prices plateauing and on the slight increase; it’s rare to see them out and about, being enjoyed. But for this GTR owner that isn’t an option. Not only does he want to drive it as much as he can… he also wanted some good looking, strong, concave wheels!

Que: Ozzy Tyres. With a JDM inspired look in mind the Hussla 027 was an easy pick. With 12 finishes to choose from, it was time to decide how subtle or extreme the upgrade would be. After careful thinking a subtle choice was made and a full set of Hussla 027 in Chromium were opted for, measuring 18×9.75 on all four corners.

The end product is subtle, JDM inspired and perfect for everyday driving in and around town… oh and the Touge (Japanese for twisty roads)!


Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Bentley Continental GT receives Avant Garde M580

Well this seems to be a week of firsts! Not only is this the first of many short stories for you guys, but we were also able to install the NEW Avant Garde M580 in Dark Tint. You know how it feels great to be the first? Fittingly, for the owner of this black Bentley Continental GT, he’s exactly that! He’s lucky #1 in Australia to get a set of Avant Garde’s newest wheel, the M580 in Dark Tint.

Measuring 20×10 on all four corners, the big bulky guards of the luxury sports Bentley were guaranteed to be filled. In addition a very wide set of Pirelli P-Zero tyres were wrapped around the AG M580’s, giving this Grand Tourer the traction it will need to reach the horizon. To keeping things tidy, the rotor hubs where painted gloss black to give an overall cleaner look and of course to showcase how beautiful the new wheels and tyres are.

The final product is chunky, subtle and forever changing with the light supplied. It’s seductive and sharp through the day, but mean as hell at night, it doesn’t get much better than this!

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

HSV Clubsport gets the Avant Garde M580 Dark Tint treatment

Whilst the Bentley was in getting the very first set of Avant Garde M580’s in Dark Tint, this beastly HSV rolled in and was after some new wheels. With its size and colour matching the Bentley… watching the M580’s transform the big luxury grand tourer left the owner thinking…. And I’m sure by now you know what popped into his mind.

Moments later there was a 20×10 Avant Garde in Dark Tint leaned up against the HSV, and yes it looked as good as he thought. In no time at all, a set of Zenna tyres were wrapped around 4 20×10 AG M580 rims, bolt up and wheel aligned. The end product is mean, the fitment slightly aggressive almost overfilling the guards and giving some poke up the front.  The new M580 is sure to be a crowd pleaser and we can’t wait to see them fitted up to more cars and especially more domestic market sedans!

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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres PackagesBMW X6 becomes enchanted with Vertini Magic

Its grace will captivate you, its agility will move you and its stance will astonish you! The BMW X6 is the perfect blend of SUV and sports car. It already holds a sturdy, athletic design but to take it a step further and give it even more of a unique touch, this X6 owner came to Ozzy Tyres.

He wanted something subtle, yet classy to go with this beautiful car. After some thought, he decided to go with something in the Vertini Range, and the Vertini Magic in Matte Black stood out to him. When it came to choosing size 20×8.5 seemed to be the way to go!

The final outcome was certainly striking! The contrast of the white body against the matte black wheels was just simply breath-taking.

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Ford Ranger, Another One!

Another Ford Ranger made its way into our shop this week, people will probably start thinking that we stock those too! We know that the Ford Ranger is great for both work and everyday use, so we needed tough and durable wheels to turn this Ranger into an absolute monster. When it comes to 4×4 tyres, Ozzy Tyres stocks such a huge range of wheels and tyres to choose from, especially in the KMC Range.

This owner decided to go with the KMC Enduro Pro in the Matte Grey with Black Lip, and what a choice it was! It allowed the car to look sleek and sophisticated, but maintain its tough look at the same time. Like the other Ford Ranger that came in this week, this owner wanted to make his car look beastly, so when it came to choosing size he went with the 20×9’s. We finished it off with a set of Monsta Terrain Grippers in 265/50/R20.

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

MONSTA-rous Range Rover

We then had a Range Rover come in, and oh what a beauty it was! The Range Rover is one of the great iconic motoring brands. It is the perfect example of a “Go anywhere, go luxury” kind of vehicle. It is so superior to all other off-roaders, but this owner wanted more for his car.

He wanted a tyre to suit both on-road and off-road conditions and of course, we had the perfect tyre for him! Another set of Monsta Terrain Grippers were applied this week, but this time in 285/50/R20. When you’re driving large, you need an element of class to affirm your size!

The Monsta Terrain Gripper really is the ultimate all-terrain performer, and for this Range Rover the final product was just perfect!

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres PackagesHolden VF SS UTE

Another VF SS Ute arrived at Ozzy Tyres this week. It’s smooth body panels simply amplify its lines and make the whole car look almost sports-car-like. Sporting Darth Vader on his tray cover, this Star Wars fan wanted another modification to his Ute an individual.

After quite some time adventuring around our showroom, this customer knew he had to go with a wheel in the Vertini Range. He was drawn to the Vertini Drift, but wasn’t sure on which colour he wanted. With the Ute being all black, he anticipated for something that would stand out… So with this, he came to the conclusion of the gold face with chrome lip. Perfect!

Next was choosing the size, and after careful thought he was certain on a set of 20×8.5 for the front, and 20×10 for the back. The final result was gorgeous to say the least, this Ute will most definitely turn heads down a busy road!

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So what was meant to be a short story, has now turned into a long story, sorry! But we have been so busy this week and with so many nice cars coming through, we just have to show you!

Now for what went on in Fyshwick this week…

Mini receives Hussla 030’s

This gorgeous Mini received the ultimate make-over! The owner went for the Hussla 030 17×7.5’s in Gloss Black with Milled Accents, which really stood out against that classic red. To wrap it up, we put a set of Dunlop 205/45/R70 Tyres on for that extra traction on road. The final result was quite exquisite!

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Orange is the new black with this Holden Commodore VF SV6

Next up we had a magnificent Holden Commodore VF SV6 touch down at our Fyshwick store. Don’t they say “Orange is the new black?” Well if not, that’s what this owner thinks! To go along with the theme of the car we installed a new set of Hussla Zane 651’s in Dark Tint sizing up at 20×8.5 at the front, and 20×10 in the back. To add to that we added a pair of Lexani Tyres in 245/35/R20 to the front and 275/35/R20 to the back, making this car an absolute beast!

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres PackagesVolkswagen Golf & Volkswagen Golf GTI do the Hussle with the Hussla Range!

We had two Volkswagen Golf’s come in this week, one being a GTI. Both owners went for some Hussla Wheels, how could they not? The GTI owner chose a set of the new and popular Hussla Zane 651’s in Dark Tint and went for 19×8.5 in size, which were then paired up with a set of Lexani LX20 Tyres in 275/35/R19. However the owner of the red Golf decided that the Hussla MIA 641’s were a better fit for their car. Going for the same wheel size as the GTI, Hussla MIA’s were fitted along with a set of Lexani Tyres in 235/25/R19. Both owners drove off with big smiles on their faces, as well as new wheels and tyres for their Golf’s.

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

BMW 3 Series Gran Coupe

Now isn’t this a beauty? This BMW 3 Series Gran Coupe zoomed into our shop ready for a new set of wheels and tyres. This owner didn’t want too much of a change, but just wanted a subtle, yet classy adjustment. Another pair of Hussla MIA 615’s were added onto this BMW in Dark Tint with staggered sizes at 19×8.5 at the front, and 19×9.5 at the back, but keeping the classic BMW center-cap. We finished it off with Lexani Tyres in 235/35/R19 at the front and 255/35/19’s for the rear.

Weekly Review Week 11

Subaru WRX collects a fresh set of Tiffany Blue Wheels

This Subaru WRX drove out of our shop as pretty much a whole different car! It received the Hussla 027’s in Tiffany Blue at which just looks so good against white. The wheels came in 18×8.75 and we also ran an aggressive 38 offset. Lexani Tyres seemed to be the go-to at the Fyshwick store this week, so we added the 215/35/18’s for this Subaru’s grand finale!

Weekly Review Week 11 Weekly Review Week 11

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

So thats what went on this week… See? Told you it was crazy ! So here’s a video to wrap this week up!