Mercedes X Class Lift Kits & Suspension

The Mercedes X-class, much like the Nissan Navara that it is based off uses a multi link rear axle set up with coil springs that you’d usually see in a sedan.

The Mercedes X Class has entered the 4×4 ute market and is sure to become one of the leaders on the market. Mixing the style and elegance of the Mercedes brand and the ever so popular utility body shape that is desired on the streets of Australia.


We all know how popular the ute is and the battle between Ford Ranger, Holden Colorado, Toyota Hilux and also Nissan Navara. Now enters the Mercedes X Class and will be interesting to see who it knocks over and how will it be dressed up with aftermarket accessories like it counterparts.

One of the first things that the 4×4 gets done is a lift kit to give it that aggressive appeal and improve handling. The Ridemax suspension brand has been a great success in Australia with Ford rangers and so fourth. They have custom made the Ridemax lift to maintain comfort and give it that aggressive appeal.

The Ridemax lift kit has dampening adjustment to either have the soft comfort day to day drive or the harder setting for offroad performance. Don’t compromise ride quality by using other brands and stick with the comfort master lift kit suspension springs and shocks Ridemax.

The good news is that Ozzy Tyres is the first retailer in Australia to offer suspension upgrade packages including but not limited to Ridemax lift kits, greaseable shackles.

Ozzy Tyres’ range of 4×4 suspension lift kits have been specifically put together for Australia’s harsh driving conditions. More often than not your new Mercedes X Class will be loaded up with tools and rubble, maybe fitted with heavy accessories or driven on harsh uneven roads or on the job site for long periods of time.

No matter what your purpose or application, we can match the correct lift kit and suspension components to your Mercedes X Class for exceptional performance both on and offroad to ensure comfort.

We’ve fitted Ridemax suspension kits to the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux, Nissan Navara, Mazda BT-50, Holden Colorado, Mercedes G class, Mitsubishi Triton and the Volkswagen Amarok with great success. Upgrading your suspension is one of the first and easiest ways to make your four-wheel drive better suit your needs.

We’ve carefully selected a manufacturer who has spent countless years in researching and refining the RideMax suspension to cater to rigs that tow a heavy boat or caravan on weekends, to utes and 4x4s needing more ground clearance for tough off-road conditions.

The one size fits all approach simply doesn’t work when it comes to suspension, which is why we offer the best options when it comes to off-road suspension systems in Australia with Ridemax liftkits that offer height adjustment as well as damper adjustment and the ability to switch between soft or hard.

After fitment of a Ridemax lift kit from Ozzy Tyres you can expect improved stability while carry load or towing, superior ride control and outstanding comfort for both on-road and off-road driving. For peace of mind, Ozzy Tyres offers a lifetime warranty on Australian springs.
And you can rest assured that when you buy a Ridemax lift kit or rear shackles Ozzy Tyres, you’ll get a much smoother ride on or off road as the shackles are able to move with the leaf spring giving a more linear stress for reduced suspension action.

We all know the standard suspension fitted to your Mercedes X-Class from the factory will be a compromise, and most likely not even come close to being able to handle off-road conditions that you’ll throw at it.

Ozzy Tyres offers Ridemax lift kits which deliver superior offroad performance. We’ve worked hard with the company in developing suspension for Australian conditions and vehicles.

With a range to suit all needs and budgets, fitting Ridemax suspension is something you will appreciate every time your drive your Mercedes 4WD. Improve the ride, handling, and off-road ability of your X-Class by installing Ridemax suspension.

Our range of Ridemax 4×4 suspension lift kits have been specifically put together for Australia’s harsh driving conditions.

The beauty of the Mercedes X-Class is that it’s far more tuneable, and Mercedes has gone to town  changing springs, dampers, bushes and geometry to achieve a much better ride/handling balance than anything else in the ute market. Our expertise and Ridemax suspension lift kits are tailored to suit the X-Class without compromising on the engineering behind the factory set up and infact improve upon the engineering as they’re specifically designed to suit.

We’ve taken the hard yakka out of finding a lift kit that will suit your Mercedes X Class and spent time on tailoring suspension packages that are stable and comfortable at speed, capable of quickly propelling itself around switchback corners while also negotiating potholes that could swallow a supermini whole.

Better still, thanks to the adjustable damper and ride, you can do hours of 4x4ing and get out at the other end of the track without needing a chiropractor and a bed.

Mercedes Benz is renowned for its high end cars and SUVs, and much like our products and services, only deliver the best. We are offering Ridemax liftkits for on the tarmac and off to ensure the “world’s first premium pickup” is as comfortable with hauling a carload of colleagues as it is a bunch of camping gear in the middle of the Simpson Desert.

Based on the Nissan Navara, the X-Class has been designed to deliver the very best in comfort, convenience, safety and technology. Similarly, Ozzy Tyres has worked with Ridemax Suspension company to develop a kit that is engineered for Australian roads. We deliver Australia wide and everything is supplied to ensure the kits can be fitted by a mechanic at any garage around the country.

The X-Class packs plenty of grunt, with the ability to tow up to 3,500 kilogrammes and a tray payload of 1,100 kilogrammes; about average for higher end pickup trucks and as such, our Ridemax lift kits not only offer adjustable height and damper to cater to your daily needs but also deliver a tough and aggressive look.

What are you waiting for? Lift your new X-Class with our Ridemax liftkit.  The Kit comes complete with all components to lift your truck anywhere from 1” to 4” above stock height.

This kit will provide your Mercedes X-Class with enough lift and clearance to fit larger tyres.

We know Aussies demand utes with excellent off-road performance, competent towing, with comfort and room for a family and that can survive the hardships of a tough and varied environment. Ridemax’s customisable setups help with payload and handling.

We are 4×4 specialists for over 25 years and know that whether driving a Landcruiser or your new Mercedes X-Class that there’s no dreaming of where the road leads, because being on the road and making your own tracks is the reason for driving the car to your job during the week and getting out into the bush on the weekends.

It’s a cliché, but one of the reasons that people upgrade their Mercedes 4×4 suspension with a Ridemax lift kit, is because they enjoy the journey, not the destination, because whichever direction you travel the end point is to get there without breaking anything and as comfortable as possible. There is nothing quite so marvellous as downing a cold drink at the top of a muddy hill, or quite so delightful as your new Mercedes X-Class towering over the humble grocery getters in the car park. Spend a day with a car fitted with Ridemax suspension and you’ll find your concept of luxury has been forcefully redefined.

These lift & suspension kits are available at all of our locations, or call Ozzy Tyres on 1300 699 699.