Week 14 Review

Another week has passed and just like the previous weeks we have been absolutely jam-packed!

Now for some exciting news, we now have two new and exclusive brands from America just to give you more variety! Method Race Wheels and Centre Line Alloy Wheels are both iconic wheel brands that have been around for many years and individually have a reputation around the world for their never ending innovation in the industry. Their designs are timeless, prices are affordable and they are built truly tough. We at Ozzy Tyres are absolutely in awe of them and are excited to get them on some built tough rides in Australia.

To celebrate this we had 15% off for these new Method Race Wheels!

Our online store got absolutely smashed with the team setting up, wrapping up and sending out so many orders! Our new 16 months interest free finance deal has been going off, allowing people to buy now and pay that little bit later. If you’re interested in learning more you can quickly read up and see how easy it is HERE>


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Ford Fiesta

Firsts, first car and first set of wheels! Can’t go wrong there and from what we’re told he’s not going to slow down with bolting on upgrades for this green little Fiesta. Ken block watch out!

Opting out for a set of ever the so popular Hussla 027’s, this owner decided to go with something a little more simple by choosing his wheels in the gloss black with milled accents. He took the smaller option, picking the 17×8.25’s and then pairing them up with a set of Dunlop 205/40ZR17’s. The end result shows a subtle change, but an elegant one at that!

Get a set of your own Hussla 027’s in Gloss Black/Milled Accents here: http://goo.gl/5ceTrN

DSC01220_Fotor DSC01241_Fotor DSC01244_Fotor DSC01242_Fotor


Ford Ranger

Another day, another tough as nails Ford Ranger! This time round getting the Monster treatment, matching KMC Monster 2 and Monsta Terrain Grippers.

We know that this is the typical way to go for a Ford Ranger Wildtrack. We’ve just had so many come through our shop that this owner knew he had to go with something from the KMC. He was determined to go with the tough matte black look,  so a set of KMC Monster 2’s were chosen, sizing up at 18×9. Finishing up with the Montsa Terrain Gripper in 286/50R20, Ford Ranger and Monsta tyres go hand in hand.

Get a set of your own Matte Black KMC Mosnter 2 wheels here: http://goo.gl/O6Hct6

DSC01270_Fotor DSC01296_Fotor DSC01297_Fotor DSC01303_Fotor


Holden Cruze

Time for a cruze? Well of course, especially with a new set of Hussla GT’s. The emerald green ties in perfectly with the gloss black with machined lip GT’s.

We know that no Holden is complete without a personal touch, so a set of 18″ GT’s were selected, along with them being wrapped up with a set of Bridgestone 235/45R18 tyres, to guarantee that smooth and safe ride.  The final product is clean, subtle and perfect for the street.

Get a set of your own Hussla GT in Gloss Black here: http://goo.gl/LlOuz7

DSC01263_Fotor DSC01262_Fotor DSC01264_Fotor DSC01265_Fotor


Honda Accord Euro

Subtly is key, and it’s always great knowing what direction you’re heading in. For this Honda Accord Euro that direction was straight into Ozzy Tyres to take advantage of our wheel and tyre package.

Hussla Directionals allow you to look like you’re still on the move, even when you’ve come to a complete stop. Not opting for anything too flashy since these wheels speak for themselves, these Hussla’s were selected in Chromium with a size of 19×8.5. To tie the whole look together Lexani LX20 225/35ZR19 tyres were fitted and wheels balanced.

 Get a set of your own Hussla Directionals: http://goo.gl/vp6LfJ

DSC01373_Fotor DSC01374_Fotor DSC01376_Fotor

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Toyota 86

The FT86 is well loved in Australia, we’re actually the 3rd largest 86 market and 19”s are the right wheel choice for street driven 86’s. The extra size fills the gap in the guards without needing to be lowered.

This Toyota 86 needed a set of the new Hussla Mia’s to really stand out from the rest. To take its uniqueness that one step further, it was chosen in the dark tint colour. We’ve talked about this in previous weeks, but if you forget the dark tint is basically a black wheel which has had the face machined back to raw metal and from there, a clear coat with a dark grey tint has been added in, giving this wheel a completely different look from day to night. To finish up a set of the Zenna Argus 225/35R19 tyres were added for that extra safety on the Canberra roads.

Get a set of your own Hussla Mia’s here: http://goo.gl/fo4MHr

DSC05290_Fotor DSC05291_Fotor DSC05293_Fotor DSC05295_Fotor


VW Golf Canberra

Less is more, but even a nice little European hatch back deserves some extra love when personalising it to suit your desired needs. For this Golf owner the standard wheels just wouldn’t do and so, a set of 18” Black Hussla 030’s were his only option. The gloss black with milled accents are selling fast, but who could blame it? The milled accents add that little something extra to such a simple wheel. To complete this little upgrade a set of Kumho 225/40R18 tyres were fitted to keep optimum traction and drive-ability in all conditions.

 Get a set of your own Hussla 030’s in Gloss Black/Milled Accents here: http://goo.gl/KcU5G1

DSC05296_Fotor DSC05300_Fotor DSC05297_Fotor


Chrysler 300c

Time for a new set of wheels? Yes please.  This 300c decided to go smaller, coming in on 22inch chrome wheels and leaving with a wider more aggressive set of 20” Vertini Magic wheels in matte black. We know that a matte black wheel against a white car offers up that classy look. That’s exactly what this owner wanted.

With a new set of wheels, this 300C needed a new set of tyres to match. So with that, this Vertini was wrapped up with some Lexani LX20’s in 255/40ZR20.

 Get a set of your own Vertini Magic wheels here: http://goo.gl/YSqSqv

DSC01642_Fotor DSC01649_Fotor DSC01651_Fotor DSC01652_Fotor


Ford GT

The Ford GT is a mean machine, and this special edition has become more special since the day it left the showroom floor. Not only is it a collector’s item, but it’s a personal item for this owner and a personal item he wanted to personalise to suit.

Que Ozzy tyres, and a set of the Stance SC1 wheels. We had a massive shipment of Stance wheels come in last week, so when this owner saw them he knew he had to get in quick! With the choice of Matte Black or Brushed Titanium he opted for the matte black to tie the whole car together. Of course he needed to take advantage of our wheel and tyre package, so we fitted a set of Pirelli 245/35R20 tyres for that finishing touch.

 Get a set of your own Stance SC1 wheels here: http://goo.gl/UBGYCO

DSC01625_Fotor DSC01627_Fotor DSC01638_Fotor DSC01637_Fotor


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages


Holden Colorado

Ready to go off-road?  This Colorado is. The beaten trail waiting, camp sites beware and fire trails get ready to be dominated.

With so many options to choose from, this Colorado needed something from the KMC Range as we know that when the word “tough” is said, a KMC wheel follows shortly behind. The KMC Enduro Pro was the chosen one, going for a 17×9 in the matter black with the grey lip for something a little different. To bring this modification to an end a set of the Gladiator 265/70R17 tyres were put on to bring that tough look to this Colorado.

 Get a set of your own KMC Enduro Pros here: http://goo.gl/kmKUIV

DSC01658_Fotor DSC01659_Fotor DSC01661_Fotor


Holden Cruze

The brand new Holden Cruze is getting attention, especially the hatch. We have numerous ones coming in, but this particular red one wanted an aggressive set of 18” wheels to transform this beauty into something unique.

And so, another set of Hussla 027’s were sold at Ozzy Tyres. As popular as these wheels are, they are still unique in comparison to the factory wheels that this Cruze came with. Of course this owner wanted to go with the gloss black with milled accents to add that touch of class to such a humble wheel and finally finishing it with a set of Saffiro 224/40ZR18 tyres on all four corners.

 Get a set of your own Hussla 027’s in Gloss Black/Milled Accents here: http://goo.gl/5ceTrN

DSC01614_Fotor DSC01611_Fotor DSC01610_Fotor


Mercedes GL

Go big, or go home. Why not, go big then go home to show the kids how insane mum’s new wheels are? Well for this GL owner, that’s the case and just check out those 24inch KMC wheels!

We know that KMC is usually the choice for a tougher look. In saying that, the KMC D2 is one of the more subtle and classier wheels in the range. Opting for these wheels in a gloss black, the whole look was wrapped up with a set of Lexani LX20 295/30ZR24, completing this all black beast.

Get a set of your own KMC D2’s here: http://goo.gl/2UKX1b

DSC01696_Fotor DSC01698_Fotor DSC01699_Fotor DSC01700_Fotor


Mitsubishi Lancer

Another Mitsubishi Lancer came riding through our Sydney store this week this time only wanting a simple transformation.

And with that, our most popular wheel went flying out of our warehouse and onto this Lancer. Surprise, surprise it’s a set of Hussla 030’s. As we said this transformation was only going to be simple, this owner opted for the 18” Hussla’s in Matte Black. For a slight pop of colour the brakes were sprayed a nice cobalt blue, and the wheels were then finished off with a set of 225/40ZR18 tyres. This owner gives this transformation a double thumbs up!

 Get a set of your own Hussla 030’s in Matte Black here: http://goo.gl/2AF54P

DSC01653_Fotor DSC01656_Fotor DSC01654_Fotor DSC01657_Fotor


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages


Holden SUV

All black everything on a SUV is a timeless option… and after a visit to Ozzy Tyres this Holden is now timeless!

The KMC Slide was the way to, with its smooth design and tidy centre cap this Holden was ready to be murdered out. These KMC Slides were selected in the 22” and to keep control a set of Zenna tyres were put all round, measuring 265/35ZR22. The end product is tough! We hope this owner enjoys his new murdered out SUV, we sure do!

 Get a set of your own Matte Black KMC Slides here: http://goo.gl/KfpBnj

DSC01732_Fotor DSC01733_Fotor DSC01737_Fotor


Subaru BR Z

JDM Style for days, and days… weeks and months. This Subaru BRZ had a heap of STI goodies, but needed the guards to be filled. With a staggered set of 18” Hussla GT’s this owner was ready to take his car to the next level.

To set a nice contrast to the striking blue of this BRZ, the wheels were chosen in Chromium for that extra shine. Talking about contrast, let’s just take a second to admire the colour choice for the brakes. That yellow is certainly eye-catching! We put the last touches on with a set of Saffiro 225/40ZR19 tyres.

 Get a set of your own Hussla GT’s in Chromium here: http://goo.gl/rBDV82

DSC01693_Fotor DSC01695_Fotor DSC01715_Fotor DSC01717_Fotor


Toyota Rav 4

Taking advantage of our Hussla restock and the 20% off deal we had going on this week, this Rav 4 owner headed down to Ozzy Tyres to get his hands on a new set of wheels and tyres.

After looking around our showroom of endless choices of Hussla wheels, this owner was geared toward the Hussla 027’s in Matte Black. Measuring up with an 18” wheel, a set of Dunlop 235/50ZR18 tyres were paired onto this Toyota. The final product was sleek and sophisticated, as any matte black wheel is. Another thumbs up for Ozzy Tyres!

Get a set of your own Hussla 027’s in Matte Black here: http://goo.gl/TmrrBF

DSC01662_Fotor DSC01663_Fotor DSC01665_Fotor


Volkswagen Scirroco

Looks fresh out of Germany, this VW Scirocco looks prime on a set of the Avant Garde M310’s. This owner wanted something clean and sporty and that is exactly what the M310’s are all about, especially in the matte black.  Since a 19” wheel was chosen, a set of Michelin 235/35ZR19 tyres were wrapped around to finish this Scirroco off.

Get a set of your own Avant Garde M310’s here: http://goo.gl/JHgNpP

DSC01632_Fotor DSC01633_Fotor DSC01636_Fotor


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

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