Tyre Care

Tyre maintenance is one of the simplest yet most neglected aspects when taking care of a vehicle. Maintenance encourages safety, and by taking care of your tyres, they will no doubt return the favour- by providing high performance sports wheels vehicles the ultimate driving experience


Here are three things to look out for when trying to get the best out of your car tyres for the long run.


1. Wheel Alignment– To reduce unnecessary tyre vibrations and uneven tread wearing, wheel alignment must also be checked by your fitting specialist.


2. Tyre Pressure– The level of tyre pressure is a misunderstood factor impacting tyre maintenance. Driving on under inflated tyres is almost certain to cause extended damage and increase fuel consumption, whilst excessive pressure can reduce the life of your tyre. By always inflating your tyres to the suggested pressure; using a vehicles placard or vehicle owner’s handbook, this risk can be well avoided.


Weather is another factor. Cold weather typically hardens the tyre while the heat expands the tyre and reduces tyre pressure. It is best practice to adjust pressure accordingly and in particular when taking long journeys. it is advisable to add 4-5 psi (0.3 bar) to the pressure recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.


3. Tyre Rotation– By rotating your tyres diagonally every 500km, it is proven to extend the tread life. During rotation, it helps to look at the direction of tread wear, as it can help determine whether your suspensions need replacing. Also make sure to remove any materials caught in the grooves to prevent extended damage.


Conducting proper car tyre maintenance is one of the simplest parts of responsible vehicle ownership to ensure driver safety and stability. By following these listed steps, it can make a big difference between how long a tyre lasts and your next visit to your tyre dealer.