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Toyo 330 Tyres Australia

Ozzy Tyres, have chosen to provide their Australian customers with Toyo, as a result of their long term innovation, quality, performance and excellence.

For the past 65 years, Toyo have used their proprietary technologies in tyre and vibration control, to therefore establish itself with a solid reputation around the world as the “Company of specialists who are committed to ensure safe performance and improve the quality of stability”.

They have also been recognized as one of the top ten tyre manufacturing brands.

The Toyo 330 tyre is an economical steel radial tyre that strikes a balance between mileage, performance and comfort.

The risk of aquaplaning is significantly reduced as a result of the wide trumpet-shape slits, whilst the three main straight grooves give extra vehicle stability. The variable pitch tread blocks function to minimise road noise and absorb impacts.

Fuel economy is improved, thanks to the reduced rolling resistance, and the Toyo 330 also provides a comfortable and quiet ride under all conditions.

If you want a tyre that is economical and comfortable, then you should buy the Toyo 330 tyre.

Whether you are looking for top quality sports tyres, or for everyday driving use, Toyo tyres can provide all vehicles with the superior performance, handling and unique tread designs, so all their customers can experience and achieve a higher level of luxury and performance.

Toyo have also been actively involved within the community, by supporting teams in many sporting activities and events such as: Drift Australia, Dubai 24hr racing series, UFC and racers such as off- road champion Robby Gordon.

When it comes to trusting tyres for the long run, Toyo Tyres symbolize the spirit of loyalty and innovation for minimal repeat purchase. At Ozzy, our team will make sure your car is properly fitted, aligned and balanced so it can reach its maximum potential.

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Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code