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Purchasing Wheels

Do you have any questions when it comes to Purchasing Wheels? This page will take you step by step through the whole process to make sure that you receive the best service from Ozzy Tyres.


Purchasing WheelsSelecting Wheels

When selecting wheels for purchase, you will obviously have a large selection to choose from. No doubt, you can choose the designs which suit your vehicle; however by following this general guideline, this can ensure that your car wheels are compatible to your tyres and rims.



Basically choosing your wheels according to performance can be based on the following aspects:

Type of wheels– Depending on the purpose of your vehicle the type (or how it is made) of wheel can dramatically affect your cars performance. For example sturdy steel wheels are best for vehicles that will be doing off road driving or heavy work, whilst alloy wheels are typically lighter and best used for high performance or racing a vehicle.

Width– The diameter ratio of your tyres and wheels is a crucial aspect to the performance of your vehicle. Smaller wheels improve torque but smaller tyres will increase the wear of your wheel & vice versa.



Size is related with performance as it can affect the performance of your car. How do you determine wheel size? Well size is composed of 2 dimensions, this being wheel width and wheel diameter. E.g. 22×9.0 has a diameter of 22″ and a width of 9″. You can also check the wheel size by looking at the vehicle owner’s manual or by looking at your tyre TIN number

Also keep in mind the following tips:

• Installing rims that are one or two inches larger than the stock factory wheels can help improve performance.

• Choose custom wheels with a maximum-load rating compatible with your vehicle.

• Find wheels that match the bolt pattern of your car.

• Smaller rims can improve handling and torque, but smaller tyres can provide rougher ride and can wear the tyres faster.

• When plus sizing your rims, maintain the tyre aspect ratio. This will keep the tread wear close to normal and can extend the length of the tires.

Also make sure that you do not drastically change your wheel and tyre sizes from factory specifications of your vehicle, otherwise this may void the manufacturer’s warranty.



The most important aspect of choosing your tyres is the price, since it relates to your willingness for purchasing wheels.

Simply put, cheap prices for wheels mean cheap quality. Make sure you go for quality even if it means you have to pay slightly more, but be confident as it will last you longer. Some of the more expensive car wheel brands also provide manufacturer’s warranty for replacement against structural damage.

If you cannot afford to buy your wheels on the spot, there are financing options such as “interest free” or “month to month” which can assist in responsibly managing repayments.

To conclude, when looking for your dream car wheels, do not be afraid to bargain with your wheels & rims dealer for a good sale. If you have cash in hand or are buying tyre & wheel packages including installation, then try to be persuasive for price, by being genuine.


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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages