The Subaru Impreza is a compact automobile, manufactured since 1992 by Subaru – the automobile division of Japanese Transportation Conglomerate, Fuji Heavy Industries. Now in its fourth generation, Subaru has offered four-door sedan and five-door hatchback body variants since 1992. Mainstream versions have received naturally aspirated ”boxer” flat-four engines ranging from 1.5- to 2.5-liters, with the performance-oriented Impreza WRX and WRX STI models uprated with the addition of turbochargers.
_SM00316 copy_SM00231 copy_SM00241 copyFour-wheel drive, responsive and turboed – producing over 200bhp and tuneable to 300-plus, and secure but entertaining handling for the price of a top-spec Ford Mondeo is something that has ensured a growing number of buyers in the recent years. To say the least, it’s pretty much a performance supercar at a fraction of the cost.

_SM00270 copy_SM00277 copy_SM00253 copyDaniel Bloomfield has owned his Subaru Impreza WRX STI type UK for nearly two years now. Being a rare car in itself with only 20 white UK Hawk-eye STI’s in the country, Dan wanted this car before it was even for sale. He was on the lookout for a reliable high horsepower car that was something a little different from the rest. With 500+ bhp sitting under the bonnet, the term ‘high horsepower’ is a little humble to say the least. Daniel had created something loony.

_SM00224 copy_SM00262 copy_SM00265 copyWithin months of owning the Impreza, Daniel was not anticipating the car to go bang on him. With a failed block in his hands and a full rebuild in sight, Daniel knew that he had to get back up after being knocked down and make it even better. In addition to a new turbo and injectors, Daniel went all out and sourced himself a fully closed deck 2.5 engine block in the aim for breaking the 500bhp marker. Putting his heart and soul into making the car a revival, Dan can only explain the relationship he has built with the Subaru as ‘the massive smile that goes across my face’.

_SM00267 copy_SM00256 copy_SM00271 copyLike most car enthusiasts throughout the world, Daniel feels like he is a part of the car when driving it. He can only define the feedback through the steering wheel, the suspension, and the wheels as precise, as the feeling he gets when driving it is indescribable and incomprehensible. “My all-time favorite sound is the flat four.

_SM00387 copy_SM00348 copy_SM00227 copyDaniel wanted the Impreza to be track-worthy so during the rebuild he had the car fully poly-bushed and the geometry set up for fast road/track use. With not a thing ignored, Dan’s Hawkeye is doubtlessly one of the best that we have seen.  Putting his own touches on his car has made it extremely special to Daniel and has plans of a Syvecs Ecu and possibly a rotated turbo setup to see it over 600bhp in the near future…

_SM00289 copy_SM00303 copy_SM00320 copy

Many thanks to Zen Performance for the work, to my family and friends for the support and to my neighbours for tolerating the noise.. ”

_SM00340 copy_SM00375 copySpecs list as follows:

Rebuilt engine by Zen Performance with a 2.5L converted closed deck block,
STI heads,
Forged Cosworth pistons,
GGR billet crank,
Arrow rods,
Cosworth head gaskets,
Mahle Motorsport bearings,
Air pump/tumbler delete bodies,
1000cc Zen performance injectors.
Zen performance custom built radiator/oil cooler,
Lateral performance MD321V turbo and custom 76mm intake and RCM induction kit,
APS 725 front mounted intercooler,
Exedy twin plate clutch,
RCM uprated oil pump,
RCM return to sump oil breather system,
APS parallel fuel rails,
Fuel lab fuel pressure regulator,
Bosch Motorsport fuel pump,
RCM headers up pipe and 3″ exhaust system,
Ecutek Racerom ECU,
Defi oil pressure,
Oil temp,
Boost pressure gauges and display meter for same as gauges plus water temp,
Defi warning light,
XXR 527 18″ wheels in chromium black,
Front AP racing 6 pot brake kit and Brembo rears with braided hoses,
BC coilovers,
Fully pollybushed,
STi Titanium strut brace,
Perrin front and rear anti roll bars,
Perrin positive steering response system,
Perrin wing stiffi’s,
HT Auto’s front side and rear corner splitters,
Prodrive mudflaps,
S204 gear knob,
S204 centre dash and vents,
Takata 4 point harnesses.

Photos: Cameron McKenzie
Words: Karina Mayes

Car: Daniel Bloomfield


SOURCE: http://slammedia.net/the-white-knight/#more-5408