If you thought, Mazdas were all bout the MX-5, think again. The Mazda 3 is consistently one of the most popular cars in Australia. They’re affordable to buy and run and they look great.

So if you’re a Mazda 3 owner, congratulations – you’ve made a great choice! Now, if you’re reading this page it’s fair to say that you’ve thought about putting some new rims on your Mazda 3. But maybe you’re thinking in the back of your mind, “Does my Mazda 3 have the looks to pull off some pumped up rims?”. Well, we may be a bit biased, but we’d say, “Yes. It does have the looks”. In fact, compared to the Mazda 3’s competitors like the Golf, we think the Mazda wins hands down in a beauty contest. The sharp looking front end looks like it should cut through the air like a bullet and the side profile has some awesome sweeping lines which give it a nice edge.

So what are the options when it comes to new alloy or mag wheels on a Mazda 3? Well at Ozzy Tyres we have a huge selection to suite all tastes and budgets so to make the choice a bit easier, here are a few suggestions to inspire you.

Which size?

The Mazda 3 is a small car but that’s no reason not to go big on your rims. If you’re the kind of person who says “go big or go home” on a regular basis, then we can supply wheels up to 20 inches for your Mazda 3. If you’re going to make a bold statement like that, you might as well go bold all the way and go for something like the Hussla Zen. With a set of these on your car, people will definitely see you coming. We think the black and chrome combo is a winner for hot hatchbacks and the studded outer rim just adds a touch of extra flare.


At the smaller end of the scale, we can offer 17 inch alloy wheels which would look just as great and leave space for slightly thicker tyres for more comfort. Take a look at the Avid AV-30 as a great example of a simple but effective design. The AV-30 range comes in a selection of colours but we think the gunmetal grey colour looks pretty smart.

Which style?

Size is important but style is what really matters in terms of getting the desired effect from a new set of rims. As we’ve noted, the Mazda 3 has quite an aggressive look about it. But not in the same way a 4×4 does. It’s more of a look of controlled aggression. More of a boxer and less of a street fighter.

Mazda is also a Japanese car maker which means the 3 would lend itself quite well to the street racer look. To attain that look, either a deep dish wheel or simple, thick spoke design is needed. See if the Vertini Hennessy suits what you have in mind. This is a deep dish wheel with attitude in spades and it looks great on fast Japanese cars. Even if your Mazda isn’t built for performance, it will look like it is with these on it!

If you’re after something a little more conservative but still good looking, you could also try the Lexani R7 range. They’re a great looking wheel with a neutral colour scheme for a professional look rather than a sporty appearance.


Getting the best price for your Mazda 3 Rims

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