So you’ve got yourself a Jeep Wrangler. Are you happy with it? Or does it need that little extra finishing touch?

You’ve got the colour you want, you’ve got the spec you want and you definitely bought it with a purpose in mind. Whether that purpose is to cruise around town or go thrashing about off road, you want a set of wheels and tyres suitable for the job.

Naturally, you’re going to have a picture in your head of how sweet your Wrangler is going to look with your new set of rims on there. So what does that picture look like? Will your rims have lots of spokes? Or just a few spokes with wide gaps to show off your calipers and discs? Will you go for rims which are inset or flush with the tyre? Naturally you’ll also want to consider the size of the wheel which will determine whether you’ll need your vehicle lowered and what profile you’ll need on your chosen tyres.

It might sound like a lot to think about but just for a moment, let’s strip it back to basics and think about the looks.

Let’s start with the obvious, the Jeep Wrangler is not a subtle vehicle. So why not go for a wheel and tyre combination that’s unashamedly bold to match? BOOM. Here comes the LEXANI LX10 24X9.5 5×127 MACHINE FACE/CHROME LIP. Now this is a tyre that’s going to get noticed. For a start, it’s 24 inches in diameter so it’s as big as the rest of the car’s personality. Second, all those spokes and all that inside surface area all add up to a look that’s got some serious impact. They’re also the lightest wheels on the market, so if you’re after performance, these are the wheels for you. All you’ve got to do is read the reviews on our site and you’ll see words like “turning heads” and “flawless” – enough said really. Not quite what you’d want to go ploughing through a muddy river with but they’d look great on a hot afternoon while in motion or parked up outside.

So what about if you do want to go ploughing through a muddy river? Well, that’s where the HUSSLA 659 17X7.5 5X127 MATTE BLACK comes in. We’ve chosen to feature the matte black versions of these wheel in this post because, let’s face it, if you picked the white or gold versions, all that mud and dust means you’ll spend more time cleaning than you would cruising. Colour aside, these are tough, durable wheels which when combined with a decent off road tyre, will offer great performance on every adventure. Plus, when you’re not in the middle of a forest and where there are more people looking at your car, these wheels give the look of a Wrangler owner who’s true to the vehicles heritage.

If you ever need any inspiration on getting your Jeep Wrangler looking mean, check out our gallery or this pinterest page and try not to drool on your keyboard.


Getting the best price

We’ve got a wide range of wheels to suit different budgets but to get a real bargain, be sure to keep checking out our website to cash in on the latest discount and deals. Alternatively, register with us to be updated by email on our latest deals.

One deal you’re always guaranteed to get with Ozzy Tyres is our Wheel and Tyre package. It does what it says on the tin. When you buy a new set of rims with our recommended tyre, you save money vs buying them separately.

It doesn’t stop there either. When you buy a wheel and tyre package from Ozzy Tyres, we’ll fit and balance your wheels for free. That means you’ll know that you’ve got a top quality product that’s also be fitted with precision. That precision is a part of our service we take very seriously as it ensure your safety and optimum performance of your vehicle.

We have also teamed up with ZipMoney to provide finance options to help you pay off your wheels and tyres in manageable chunks. Contact your nearest Ozzy Tyres branch for more information.

Custom Jeep Wrangler Wheels

If you’re looking for that extra bit of individuality, we can offer a custom paint service to match the colour of your wheels to your Wrangler. What’s more, we can raise or lower your Wrangler to get the perfect look.

Wheels for Wranglers ten years or older

If you bought your Wrangler in 2007 or earlier, you’ll need a different set of tyres. Don’t worry though, Ozzy Tyres has you covered. We stock wheels for Jeep Wranglers pre and post 2007. There is a bit of cross over but be sure to select the right model when searching our site or ask one of our mechanics at your local branch.

A quick word on insurance

Sorry, this is the boring bit. If you’ve just invested in some beautiful new rims, it could be considered to be a modification to your car by your insurer. This is especially true if your Wrangler has be raised or lowered. Make sure you check in with your insurer to make sure you’re still fully covered.




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