Ozzy Tyres isn’t just your ordinary wheel and tyre shop… We import all our wheels, distributing the world’s best wheels Australia wide. Selling retail, online and wholesale to tyre shops all over the country, we work close with manufacturers to bring the correct wheels to suit the Australian market. Wheels need to have specialty offsets, stud patterns and brake clearances, not to mention the best looking (by far) designs and latest finishes to suit.. Check out the following case of a GTS getting his Lorenzo wheel fix…..

Well its out with the old wheels…

And in with the new Lorenzo WL197 22×9.5 lightweight wheel. Elegant twin spokes to suit the new elegant look of the VF Holden.  

Concave spoke detailing with a matte black background and a matte clear finish sitting on a stainless steel lip.

Stunning finish..

Trial fit to make sure they clear the big canary yellow calipers.

Remove existing tyre pressure sensors from stock wheels.

The tyre fitters carefully place the existing sensors in the same formation as they came out of to keep consistency with standard specs.

The Lorenzo comes with the classic 90 degree angle chrome valves – which is rarely seen these days..

Again, the details of this wheel make it stand out compared to cheaper wheel brands.

Installing of the valves.

Customers await anxiously in the background to see how their ride will look…

Standard hubs need attention to emphasise the look and colour of the wheels.

Painting it black with heat resistant paint.. Looking much better already…

Rear tyres 285/25 22 !!!!

You can see the black hub we painted just blends perfectly into the background, making the wheel and calliper stand out..

Finishing detailed cleaning..

Standing proud with his new shoes!!

The 22 inch wheels actually suit the body of the vehicle’s proportions..

Getting his beauty shot on the ever so famous OZZY wall..

Another happy customer…

Photos and story written by Hussein on his Samsung Galaxy. Hope you enjoyed