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Being out in California, we get to see and experience some of the best things in the world. Beaches and mountains, great weather, good food, and a very strong car scene. Sure, passing emissions may be a little bit tougher, but that does little to stop the masses. With plenty of exposure to the vast spectrum of builds that dominate the many different markets, I can say I love a variety of cars. However, amongst the tracked out coupes and hydraulic equipped Bonnevilles, I never really garnered a love for modern Mercedes. I always sought them out to be a general luxury car if you didn’t really care what you drove. Like a bully to the kid with 4 eyes, I generally avoided them. Until now.



Sarto Racing. A fairly new name in the automotive industry with only two kits currently out for production, is a force to be reckoned with. Initially debuting in November of last year, Sarto teamed up with the well known Kei Muira of Rocket Bunny to develop the Sarto Racing kit for the BMW E36. Sarto, which translates to tailor in Italian, truly does tailor its aero to the car. With the E36 characterized by wide fenders arches, the kit that adorns this Mercedes CLK240 is truly reminiscent. A multitude of things work together to bring out the other potential in this car. A front mounted splitter, bumper, and custom headlight intake all help bring out the beast in this beauty.




In the hindquarters of the car, a simple rear diffuser can be seen peeking out from a bumper cut out. A Sarto Racing trunk mounted spoiler fills the rear of the car. Appropriate considering the other mods and respective styling although I have a preference in chassis mounts. Enkei RS05RR measuring in at 18×10 front and 18×11 rear wrapped in Toyo Proxes 245/35 front and 275/35 rear are now a clear necessity in filling out the massive fender flares. Sarto then called upon Yellow Speed Racing for their custom one off Dynamic Pro Sports adjustable suspension to lower the car on all sides, Yellow Speed Racing 6/4 pot calipers mounted on 380mm/356 mm slotted and drilled rotors to give this car the appropriate stopping power, and finally, a Yellow Speed Racing hydraulic e-brake to complete the package.




Sticking to the whole track theme, the interior has been completely stripped out. Replacing the door panels are shaved door cars that use a matching Takata Green to match the harnesses. A custom roll cage, Bride Zeta III bucket seats, Bride seat rails, and the aformentioned Takata harnesses all work in conjunction to keep the occupants safe in any situation. Finally a Works Bell Rapfix II quick release and Momo steering wheel links the car to driver. Furthermore, a Six-speed manual transmission conversion was meticulously imported from Germany allowing the driver greater control over the motor.






Take the time to appreciate the custom candy red, perfect for this car as it reminds me of a lady in red, the type of lady that is feared but isn’t afraid to rip your face off and look damn good doing it too. Shout out to Mark Kawaguchi for the awesome pictures that truly captured the beauty of this car in such a serene setting and do it justice.








Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code