Are all your products brand new??

Yes, we can guarantee that all our products are BRAND NEW and have a NEW production date.

Can I pick up my order at my local Ozzy Tyres store?

Yes, customers that buy online can opt to pick up their goods at their local Ozzy Tyres store at Hoxton Park, Fyshwick and Rockdale.

Is shipping really FREE?

Yes, we offer FREE shipping on all tyres, wheels and Wheel and Tyre Packages with 100% FITMENT GUARANTEE.

Ozzy Tyres have partnered up with over 50 plus locations Australia wide to help fit and balance your tyres. When checking out please choose store pick up and you will than get an option of tyre fitting locations next to your location. The tyres will then be delivered to the store so you do not have to handle any products. You will then be notified and a booking can be placed to have the goods either picked up or fitted on the vehicle. The booking will take place the same day of order or next day at the latest. You can have your tyres on the vehicle as early as the next day after your order is placed. The tyre store will charge you $15- $25 depending on size also included is the following:

*Stripping the tyre

*Fitting the new tyre

*New valve

*Scrap removal of old tyre.

You will have warranty on all fitting of tyres as we are partnered up with reputable tyre retailers. Please proceed to shopping, check out, choose your local store and we will book you in ASAP.

More information will be available about fitting outlets inclusive of address and contact number during the checkout process please ensure you choose INSTORE PICK UP FOR THIS OPTION

ACT Fyshwick
New South Wales ALBURY
New South Wales DUBBO
New South Wales DUBBO
New South Wales Erina
New South Wales FORSTER
New South Wales Glendale NSW 2285
New South Wales LONG JETTY
New South Wales New Lambton NSW
New South Wales ORANGE
New South Wales Toronto NSW
New South Wales Toukley
New South Wales WAGGA WAGGA
New South Wales West Gosford
New South Wales WICKHAM
New South Wales WOY WOY
NSW Sydney
Queensland BUNDABERG
Queensland GLADSTONE
Queensland LABRADOR
Queensland SOUTHPORT
South Australia Elizabeth
South Australia KESWICK
South Australia KESWICK
South Australia Mitchell Park
South Australia Mt. Barker
South Australia NAILSWORTH
South Australia Nailsworth
South Australia Pooraka
South Australia Port Adelaide
South Australia Reynella
South Australia Ridgehaven
Tasmania MOONAH
Tasmania MOONAH
Victoria BOX HILL
Victoria EPPING
Victoria FAWKNER
Victoria FAWKNER
Victoria FOSTER
Victoria GEELONG
Victoria HORSHAM
Western Australia Maddington
Western Australia Malaga


Our techs have over 20 years’ experience with aftermarket wheels and tyres. Our fitment guide is top notch and ensures a 100% proper fitment for your vehicle.

What other free services do you offer?

Ozzy Tyres offers free mounting and balancing on all Wheel and Tyre packages ONLY. Since we mount and balance the wheels and tyres ourselves, your package is guaranteed to arrive ready to put on your car problem free. Every custom Wheel and Tyre combo the Ozzy Tyres team sells is high-speed balanced on our new state-of-the-art mounting and balancing equipment. Our team makes it a priority to inspect every wheel and tyre to ensure it meets our strict quality control standards and are totally free of any cosmetic deficiencies.

With every wheel and tyre combo the Ozzy Tyres team includes a free installation kit. This installation kit replaces your factory lugs with the proper hardware to perfectly fit your new wheel and tyre combo. The free installation kit includes: chrome valve stems, chrome lug nuts or bolts, and centring rings when necessary.

What do I do if my wheel doesn’t fit?


At Ozzy Tyres you can buy custom wheels and high-performance tyres without worrying about fitment. Our policy is very straightforward: if your wheel or tyre does not fit, just email us some pictures of the issue and we will process an exchange for a proper fitting set of wheels or tyres. Not only will we change your set of wheels or tyres, Ozzy Tyres will also pay for all shipping charges to and from our facilities.

Concave angles on wheels may vary compared to image on display and wheel that suits your vehicle.Dish sizes may also vary from diplayed image and wheel that suits the vehicle.Colours may also vary from displayed image and wheel supplied for vehicle.

What is offset? (Ozzy Tyres Tech’s will make sure you get the right offset)

Offset is normally stamped or engraved into the wheel and is measured in millimetres of ET: ET is the short form of the German word Einpresstiefe which translates as insertion depth. Offset is the distance between the hub mounting face at the back of the wheel and the wheel’s centre line.

Negative Offset wheels have their mounting face toward the rear of the wheel – powerful rear-wheel drive cars often have wheels with negative offset. Zero Offset wheels have their mounting face even with the centreline of the wheel and are by definition ET0. Positive Offset wheels have their mounting face toward the front face of the wheel. Front wheel drive vehicles usually have positive ET wheels. Eighties & Nineties Volkswagen wheels are generally ET38.

What is PCD?

PCD stands for ‘Pitch Circle Diameter’ and is the diameter of a circle drawn through the centre of your wheel’s bolt holes. PCD is measured in millimetres and also indicates the number of studs or bolts on the wheel. Volkswagen Alloy Wheels are usually either 4×100: i.e. 4 bolt holes drilled through the centre of an imaginary 100mm circle, or 5×100: for VR6s, GTIS and MK4s.

What is Centre Bore?

The Centre Bore of an alloy wheel is the size of the hole at the back of the wheel which the hub fits in to. To help the wheels sit properly, this hole needs to be an exact match to the size of the hub.

Most modern wheels are ‘hub-centric’. This means that the hub which protrudes from your car matched with the equivalent sized hole at the back of your wheel, is load bearing. This ensures the studs or bolts are holding the wheel onto the hub.

If you have ‘lug-centric wheels’, the state of your studs or bolts is obviously more important – be sure to replace these from time to time and always 3/4 tighten the wheels off the car to make sure they’re cantered.

What is Plus-Sizing and Up-Stepping?

Plus-Sizing or Up-Stepping are two terms given to the practice of raising the diameter of your wheels whilst at the same time reducing the profile of your tyres to keep the overall rolling radius the same.


Plus-Sizing will develop the handling of your car! Each step will decrease the proportion of flexible tyre sidewall to rigid alloy. This will improve response, will help keep the tyre tread square to the road and will improve your car’s response. If done correctly speed and odometer will retain its accuracy.


Often, tyre inches are lighter than wheel inches. Plus-sizing can make your overall wheel/tyre package heavier. Reducing the profile of your tyres will also decrease your car’s damping deflection under compression. Other disadvantages can include the need for more expensive tyres and brakes looking undersized.

How do I install my new wheels?

Before anything, ensure that you have the right sort of bolts – Bolts and studs have various diameters, threads and settings. Not to worry, Ozzy Tyres will provide you with the correct installation kit. Also make sure you have the 4 plastic spigot rings which help the interface between the wheel and the hub.

Next, jack your car up. Do this in a secure way and be sure to use axle stands, chock wheels still in contact with the ground and apply the parking brake. Offer a wheel up to the car and check that the bolt holes line up, that the wheel locates on the hub properly and that there is wheel arch, suspension strut and brake calliper clearance. If you have upgraded your brakes be SURE to seek advice and measure everything thoroughly before you order.

The wheel bolts must be tightened to the manufacturer’s precise torque. Be sure to re-torque after 100 miles or so as they will compress slightly. Tighten them gradually until they’re 3/4 tight then lower the car and complete the process.

How do I care for my new wheels?

We offer specialty wheel cleaners made specifically for your new wheels, all designed to help make the job of cleaning your new wheels easier.

Before you fit your wheels, give them several coats of good quality car polish back and front. This will help prevent the road salt, brake dust and dirt keying to the surface on first use. Be sure to treat the surface of your alloys as well, if not better, than you would your paintwork. Remember, you have spent a small fortune of your wheels and they’re going to be subject to the harshest conditions of your car!

Frequent washing with mild soapy water will be sufficient to keep your wheels clean, but remember to hose all the loose abrasives off first. Do not use abrasive cleansers, electric buffers or wire wool pads on your wheels. Where it is possible let your wheels cool before cleaning them and keep away from car-wash wheel-cleaners at all times.


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