F1 grands prix are rare and elusive creatures. Just 19 exist and gaining membership of the exclusive club to which they belong, the F1 calendar, is nigh on impossible.

For some a trip to a grand prix is an attainable dream, particularly for those of us fortunate to live in Europe where grand prix racing still has its heartland.

However, what the exclusive nature of grand prix racing means for most is that they never get the chance to see F1 up close and personal. That's millions of people in dozens of countries who've never heard the roar of a Formula One engine or experienced the visceral thrill of an F1 car blasting past within feet of where they're standing.

That's what we aim to remedy with our Live Demos and over the past number of years we've traversed the globe, bringing F1 and Infiniti Red Bull Racing to countries, cities and people who'd otherwise only ever get their F1 fix from television. From Colombo to Cape Town, Turin to Tokyo and Hong Kong to Heppenheim, we've taken our cars and drivers everywhere in a bid to bring F1 power to the people.

We've also developed a bit of passion for testing our F1 cars on some pretty tough terrain as well. We've sent a car skittering across the ice in Quebec, Canada, kicked sand in the face of other race cars by piloting one of our cars across the baking sands of the beaches of the Dominican Republic and rumbled around the dirt and dust of Austin's Circuit of the America – before the track was even built. We've even taking an F1 car higher than anyone has ever done with a run on one of the world's highest roads, the Khardung La in the Himalayas – altitude 5,359m.

We've got a lot more of these incredible live demos planned for the future, so stay tuned here to find our just where and when our intrepid show car crew are plotting to turn up next – you never know, it could be your town, city or errr... extreme environment!

First up in 2014 we'll be heading to Australia on March 8th & 9th as part of the Top Gear's Festival Sydney weekend. Coming off the back of an intensive (northern) winter programme it will be Daniel's first opportunity, since the switch from Toro Rosso in 2013, to drive in front of his home audience. Of course it won't be his first time driving the RB7 – while the 2014 Australian Grand Prix will be race debut for us, he's a live demo veteran and a vastly experienced practitioner in the fine arts of tyre-destroying donuts and ear-splitting burnouts which form the bedrock of our live demo portfolio.

For more information visit: www.topgearfestivalsydney.com.au