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5×120 Wheels

What is Bolt Pattern?

If you are in the market of new rims / wheels, Bolt Pattern is most critical size attribute that you need to pay attention to. It directly impacts how the wheel sits and stablises on your car, which consequently impact on the vehicles and your safety. Because of this importance, we thought to post for our customers this blog which will illustrate the popular 5×120 Bolt Pattern.

The Famous 5×120 PCD

5×120 stud pattern is very famous for 2 vehicles. The Holden Commodore and also the BMW. Although BMW has had a few stud pattern changes however, majority are still the famous 5×120 PCD stud pattern. The Holden Commodore in Australia would have to be one of the most famous vehicles on the road. Especially when talking mag wheels and rims. They often go to the 20 inch staggered fitment which is the 20×8.5 and the 20×10, running an average of +40mm offsets to sit flush on the guards or just under. Some of the 5×120 stud pattern wheels for the Holden Commodore need big brake clearance. This is common on the HSV vehicles and the new Redline series. These have the famous red, yellow and now silver Brembo brakes to help slow the vehicle down at a quicker rate. Another shock was the new Honda Civic type R who also sported the 5×120 PCD stud pattern which threw a spanner in the works. I am not sure why this was done but it did cause some serious concern to tyre shops who were trying to put wheels on it with a 5×114.3 stud pattern PCD which was the stud pattern of choice from Honda engineers for the past 10 years when they changed from 4 stud to 5 stud. The 4 stud pattern on the Honda was 4×100 until they changed to a 5×114.3 with the introduction of the Honda Integra DC5. The new 4×4 stud pattern of the VW Amerok is also 5×120 which confused many as the norm for a 4×4 vehicle stud pattern PCD was 6 stud. Like the Ford Ranger and the Toyota Hilux sporting  5×120 pcd stud pattern and the Nissan Navara sporting a 6×114.3 stud pattern PCD.

5×120 Wheels at Ozzy Tyres

We dare to say we have the largest collection of Wheels ins 5×120 PCD with over 400 choices to be made to your pride and joy. We also have CNC Machines capable of drilling blank wheels or re-drill existing wheels to suite the famous 5×120 PCD size . So if you are in the market for wheels, make sure you choose Ozzy Tyres to get your PCD size right and accurate from the first time.

We have the full range of wheels above on the website and you can visit the stores located Australia wide or call the 1300699699 number so we can assist with your wheel choice.  Black, machine face , deep dish and concave styles for all vehicle and 4x4s.

 5x120 wheels

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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages