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Ozzy Tyres Roxbourgh Park

Interior design inspired by automotive passion – Ozzy Tyres opens revolutionary Roxburgh Park show room - A display of the full spectrum of automotive style - The interior design of the store reflects the vehicles which pass through the doors. From luxury sports cars to rugged off roaders. - A feast for the eyes of a petrol head – Including top of the line Harley Davidson and a display of products worthy of any modern art gallery - The devil is in the details with high end furniture, chandeliers and polished concrete which makes customer service into an immersive experience Hussein Chahine, Owner “It has always been the mission of Ozzy Tyres to be at the front line of automotive design. Australia has a vibrant culture revolving around cars. Our specialist vehicles need to tackle some of the most challenging terrain in the world and the vastness of our country means that driving needs to be an enjoyable experience.” “Our customers have a huge range of needs but at the heart of every request is style and personality. And that’s what we’ve bought to our new Roxburgh Park Show room. For many of our customers, it doesn’t take much to trigger their passion for all things with an engine. But we wanted Roxburgh Park to take that to the next level. We wanted to ignite our customers’ imaginations while hosting them in comfort. We want their surrounding to feel aspirational but also like a home from home.” Pole position for car accessories and modifications “We always aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors. Our new show room demonstrates the breadth of our product range but also our knowledge and the enthusiasm we share with our customers. We believe the rest of our industry has overlooked the importance of interior design in their show rooms and we’re leading the way in creating an immersive experience for our customers.” All tastes catered for “Our customer base has huge variety. We have customers come to us with Aston Martins one day then customers with work horse utes the next. Our show room is designed in a way that makes everyone feel looked after. The display of products gives them an idea of what we can do for the style of their vehicle while the comfort and luxury of the surroundings shows that everyone gets the same 5 star treatment whether you’re a tradie, a street racer or a CEO.”

Address : 1500 Pascoe Vale Rd, Coolaroo VIC 3048 AU

Phone 03 7023 2471

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