We’d be surprised if you haven’t heard of Ozzy Tyres, a company which has been in business for over 20 years in Australia. The guys (Hussein and Kevin) dropped in to Zen a little while back for a chat, which ended up being a meeting, which then ended up being a cool and creative hang. End of the day, we think their cool guys who are genuinely trying to grow their business, do better and go harder than ever before.

They’ve been under new management for the past 4 years or so, and the focus has been online where they’ve developed a straightforward online store where you can very easily find wheels and tyres available to suit your specific car. Their prices are competitive and they also offer free delivery Australia wide.

Ozzy HQ. 370 Z’s, we’re liking them more and more.

The showroom.

Concave is where it’s at!

The XXR wall.

We’re pretty sure there will be more neon wheels rolling on our roads as time goes by.

Impressive. Hussein in one of 4 massive warehouses full of tyres and wheels.

Hussein showing me a blank.

 And their monster machine which can do everything from making a wheel from scratch to drilling/re-drilling PCD and changing offsets too.

The workshop.

This R33 was in to get wheels, tyres, callipers painted and a wheel alignment too.

As expected, these guys cater for a very broad customer base. Every day cars, performance Japanese, Euro and Aussie cars as well as work fleets.

The guys simply spray callipers and rotor hats without removing a thing. It’s a quick and cost effective job that’s not going to be as strong as an oven job but it should last a good year or 2 and sure as hell looks a lot better than rusty components.

Rears all done.

R33 getting a wheel alignment.

This massive mural was up high in the workshop, turns out it’s Hussein’s office (he can see through the mural into the workshop).

On route to Hussein’s office is Ozzy Tyre’s core office.

Hussein’s office looking down into the workshop.

The Boss.

Serg and I hanging with Hussein and Kevin.

You can tell a lot about someone by the trinkets they display.