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Yokohama Tyres

Yokohama Tyres AustraliaOne of the biggest names in the tyre industry, with second to none performance shown through its widely known race car sponsorship. Ozzy Tyres are proud to present, Yokohama Tyres Australia. If you are serious about performance, there’s no looking past Yokohama Tyres. Having a strong presence in the racing scene, with multiple sponsors across different driving styles such as time attack and drifting, Yokohama provides grip levels that wins races. Originally founded in Japan and recently expanded to the US, Yokohama Tyres are the best in the business.


Yokohama Tyres Australia

Yokohama ENVigor

For your basic needs, the Yokohama ENVigor tyres are best suited to all daily passenger vehicles where road noise is kept down and comfort is up high.

The Yokohama ENVigor features an all season silica tread compound that is moulded into an optimised contact patch to maximise grip and sharp steering response.

It’s tread pattern is made up of five rib directional grooves that blends performance during high speeds.

Wet weather safety is particularly important for your passenger vehicles as you transport your family around.

Yokohama Tyres have taken this into account and designed independent intermediate blacks, angled grooves and daptive 3D sipes to help resist hydroplaning and promote traction when needed most.

For your daily drive, Yokohama ENVigor tyres are for you.




Yokohama Tyres Australia

Yokohama Advan Sport

An entry level performance tyre, Ozzy Tyres have the Yokohama Advan Sport.

These tyres came factory fitted to high performance prestige vehicles like the Audi S8, Bentley Continental, Mercedes AMG series and the Porsche 997.

The Yokohama Advan Sport are race bred street legal tyres that offer ultimate performance at a budget price.

These tyres feature excellent handling and steering response due to the race inspired grooves on the tread.

Being a soft compound, the Yokohama Advan Sport provides balance at a high level, not only giving sports performance but also excellent characteristics on wet roads combined with good ride comfort and low road noise.

Ideal for performance road cars, with emphasis on handling the Yokohama Advan Sport are perfect for those enthusiasts who love a good drive.




If you’re not satisfied with average performance, Ozzy Tyres have 2 more tyres from Yokohama that will suit your needs.



Yokohama Australia

Yokohama C Drive

Up on the scale of performance tyres offered by Yokohama is the Yokohama C Drive.

These Yokohama C Drive tyres combine high performance with superior comfort.

Being a race bred tyre, the Yokohama C Drive features a full logic asymmetrical tread pattern with the positioning of the grooves provides the ultimate grip on both wet and dry surfaces.

The minimised grooves on the outer part of the tyre and the shortened lug grooves on the inside shoulder are designed to maintain rigidity when cornering.

Wet weather safety is retained by the four wide straight grooves and the spiral drain grooves on the centre rib to help disperse water and in effect reduce the chances of hydroplaning.

The Yokohama C Drive have a newly developed tyre compound with advanced polymers increasing the strength of the rubber giving it greater durability.

If you are looking for an advanced tyre that will perform in dry and wet conditions, there’s no looking past the Yokohama C Drive.



Yokohama Australia

Yokohama S Drive

For those who are serious about performance, Ozzy Tyres have the Yokohama S Drive.

The Yokohama S Drive (Sport Drive) is Yokohama’s ultra high performance summer tyre that has been developed for the drivers of sports and performance vehicles.

It features a micro-flexible tread compound developed using nanotechnology to produce a silica-based compound that maximises contact between the tyre and the road which enhances grip in wet and dry conditions.

This advanced compound is molded into a directional tread design that features independent shoulder blocks, notched intermediate ribs and a continuos centre rib to maintain constant road contact and improve cornering stability.

The Yokohama S Drive features a wide circumferential groove with angled groove walls to help evacuate water which resist hydroplaning.

It’s groove-in-groove technology distributes the stress loads to promote more even tyre wear.

The Yokohama S Drive tyres have an internal structure which includes twin steel belts reinforced by jointless nylon cap plies and belt edge strips to enhance ride uniformity and high speed durability.

With all the positive feedback received about the Yokohama S Drive, Ozzy Tyres fully recommend these tyres to those with performance in mind.

Ozzy Tyres have been the market leader in wheels and tyres for many years, with our specialised staff having years of experience.

We can offer and recommend the best tyres for your application at the best prices possible.

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