There are only a handful of alloy wheel manufacturers with as much pedigree as WORK. The Japanese manufacturer started in the late 70s and has since grown to be come the go-to wheel of choice for drift cars and Japanese street cars like Nissans, Hondas and Subarus.

Customisable WORK Wheels

One of the best things about WORK is that you canget exactly the type of wheel you want by customising your wheels. In particular, you can customise stud patterns and offsets to give yourself the perfect set up

Race wheels from WORK

WORK also have some motorsport pedigree. They’re used on Japanese rally cars and super GT cars. In that sense, WORK really put their money where their mouth is when they say they make wheel for performance vehicles.

Their race pedigree is partly down to their weight. All of their alloy wheels are made from light weight aluminium alloys for the ultimate weight reduced performance.

Most of their wheels also feature a large brake clearance so if you’ve got big race discs for extra stopping power, you can be sure a set of WORK wheels will fit over them.

If you’re planning to race, some disciplines suit a staggered wheel set up. WORK can help here to with staggered wheel packages available to those with specific race requirements.

Styles of WORK wheel

WORK sell so many different styles of wheel but probably their best work is the deep dish style of wheel. They’ve often brought to life by the addition of studs or criss-cross or mesh style spokes. It’s these wheel styles that have made them so popular with the street racer style of vehicle.

For the studded look, check out their Equip range. If you’re looking for a proper deep dish look though, the Meister range could be for you. For 4x4s the crag range would look great and for that old school caddy look, the Lanvec LD1 is the rim for you.

WORK even go to the trouble of offing up different rim constructions. Their ‘standard’ rim is designed for sports vehicles with large brake discs and callipers where as their ‘reverse’ rims and step rims are more for regular road car owners who are looking for the look rather than performance.

In terms of colours, WORK offer the usual colours of Black, chrome, brushed steel and white. However, for that extra touch of individuality, if you want your wheels painted a different colour, WORK will customise them just for you. You could even have them in hot pick if you really wanted…

Where to find WORK wheels

 Ok, you’ve got us on this one. We don’t actually sell WORK wheels. But we are working on it so keep checking our website.

That said, we have a huge range of wheels with similar designs and which are equally high quality. Have a browse through our deep dish wheel, studded wheels and concave wheels to get that Japanese street car look.

And the best part is that all our wheels are better value for money! Sure, they don’t wear the WORK label but we have some equally prestigious brands on our books. Choose from any of the following and they’ll have something similar to the WORK designs.

  • Avant Garde
  • Avid
  • KMC
  • Vertini
  • Hussla
  • VCT
  • Lexani
  • Rock Star
  • Stance
  • Touchdown
  • Center Line

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