Ozzy Tyres are the market leaders in the wheel and tyre industry with over 25 years of experience. With our megastore in Sydney, we have a warehouse full of wheels at unbeatable prices! With a whole selection of wheels available to suit cars with all styles, now is the time to grab a set of new wheels!

Our wheel warehouse is overflowing with stock!

Ozzy Tyres are clearing out our warehouse at an unbelievably low price! Prices have been slashed by over 10% on almost all wheels and tyres! If you’re looking to give a new look to your ride, whether it’d be a boosted Jap car, an exotic Euro or straight Aussie muscle, Ozzy Tyres have the wheels for you!

Below shows examples of some of the many brands of mag rims we have to suit your car at the lowest possible prices from our warehouse!

These are wheels from the Vertini range, the Vertini Drift available in Black and Gold.

wheel warehouse

Ford FPV with Vertini Drift in Gold

For a luxury sports look, the Lexani LSS10 is suitable for any European cars perfectly! With a classy machined face finish complimented with either a black or chrome lip!

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Ozzy Tyres can even accommodate for the smaller cars with our Avid1 range. These are the Avid1 AV03 that come in Gold and Silver face with Chrome Lip!

Nissan Micra with Avid1 AV03

For those JDM lovers out there, XXR 527 is a match made in heaven with a huge selection of colours from the classic Matte Black and Hyper Silver to a funky flavoured Red or Tiffany Blue.

Mitsubishi Evo with XXR 527 in Chromium Black

If you’re in the market for a new set of mag rims, look no further than Ozzy Tyres. Our specialised staff have been in the industry for many years with a lifetime worth of experience under their belt. They can give you advice and recommend what size and offset the wheel should be to fit perfectly under your guards. With our clearance sale of our wheel warehouse, why not give us a call on 1300 699 699 for more info or visit our online store to receive your special offer today!

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