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Wheel and Tyre Packages  Melbourne

Ozzy Tyres are an established company with a strong influence in the automotive industry. We keep up with the latest and greatest technological advancements when it comes to wheel and tyre packages  Melbourne. With the ever changing trends in the car scene, Ozzy Tyres offer the best wheel and tyre packages Melbourne  suited to any vehicle to have your car stand out from the crowd.

Ozzy Tyres have wheels and tyres to suit cars of any make and model, whether you drive a boosted import, an Aussie muscle or a luxurious European, Ozzy Tyres will make your car look amazing. With over 100 different styles of wheels, Ozzy Tyres can add style and grace to your ride based on your personal taste and preference. We have a showroom full of wheels on display so you can see first hand how the wheels would look on your car. Wheels can either make or break the  look of your car, so having a variety of options available will help you choose the ultimate wheels and tyres combo for your car.

The automotive scene in Australia is growing fast, so upgrading your old wheels and tyres are a must. Whether you want your car to look sporty, classy or straight out badass, Ozzy Tyres have the perfect wheels for you. Below is a snippet of the wheels on offer from Ozzy Tyres. With the evolving trends in the automotive industry, now is the perfect time to buy a new set of wheels.

For those who drive a boosted Japanese car, the sporty look perfectly suits the car. Whether you drive a Nissan Silvia, Mitsubishi Evo or a Subaru WRX, Ozzy Tyres have the perfect wheels for you. For those who have larger sedans such as the Holden Commodore, larger wheels would suit it perfectly. As stock wheels come in 17 inch, upgrading to a larger wheels size of 20 inch would look ideal on a big body sedan.

Check out these two sporty wheels Ozzy Tyres have on offer. On the left is the Hussla 636 available in 6 different colours to match your car. On the right is the Vertini Monaco wheels which have a concave style design giving the wheels a wider look.

Wheels and Tyres packages MELBOURNE

L-R: Hussla 636, Vertini Monaco

For those who want a mix of sports and luxury, there’s no looking past these two wheels. The Lexani CSS15 and the Vertini Dynasty.
The Lexani CSS15 is one of the most popular wheels, coming in 8 different colours!
The Vertini Dynasty are one of the best selling wheels as well, with a range of 3 different styles.

wheel and tyre packages MELBOURNE

L-R: Lexani CSS15, Vertini Dynasty

If you’re a fan of deep dish wheels, Ozzy Tyres have a variety to suit your vehicle. With custom sizes and offsets available, Ozzy Tyres present the XXR 521 and Vertini Drift.
The XXR 521 is inspired by German styled wheels, adding a beautiful step lip to make the wheels look tough.
The Vertini Drift goes for a luxury sports style with a traditional 5 spoke design complimented by a flat chrome lip.

Wheels and Tyres packages MELBOURNE

L-R: XXR 521, Vertini Drift

Ozzy Tyres are so versatile, we account for all vehicles big or small. We have the biggest range of 4×4 wheels available, all load rated to guarantee the wheels will not buckle or crack under immense pressure.
Below are 2 of many KMC wheels available at Ozzy Tyres. The KMC Addict comes in Matte Black and Machined Face, and also the most popular KMC Rockstar XD.

wheel and tyre packages MELBOURNE

L-R: KMC Addict, KMC Rockstar XD

Keeping up with the automotive trends have never been easier with Ozzy Tyres lending a helping hand. With hundreds of styles on offer, you can make your car go from average to awesome. Our specialised staff have years of experience under their belts so they can recommend the best wheels and tyres for you.


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Affordable Prices

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20 Years Industry Experience

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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages