Weekly Review- Week 12, 2016


Happy Easter! We hope you had an awesome long weekend, we know we did!

Welcome to Week 12 in review. We can’t believe Easter has just passed, it feels like Christmas was just yesterday! With the long weekend you can be rest assured that we were busy, especially being open on both Easter Saturday and Easter Monday! Before we carry on, we’d like to thank all who came in and spent their limited time off in our showroom and in our workshop!

We’ve had multiple promotions running through the week; with many customers coming in to take advantage of our AVID 1 Buy 3, Get 1 Free deal! Not only did we have that, but our Easter sale offered 15% off all stock over the Easter Long Weekend, what a bargain!

We had a massive restock this week of KMC XD Series, Stance and Hussla wheels. To go along with the restock of wheels, 4×4 owner’s newest and favourite choice the Monsta Terrain Gripper was also topped up! So if you’ve missed out, maybe it’s time to drop past one of our 3 locations or jump into our online store and find the right set up for you! Our online store is open 24/7 and we still offer 16 Months Interest Free no matter in store or online. Click here to choose wheel and tyres packages to suit your car:

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Now it’s time we take a look at the cars that zoomed into our Sydney store this week:


Monday Blues with this Suzuki Swift!

We started off this week with another happy customer! She came in with her white Suzuki Swift and wanted to take advantage of our Buy 3, get the 4th FREE sale that we were running for AVID1 wheels.

To really stand out, she went with the 16×8 AVID AV-12’s in Bright Blue/Machine Lip Wheel. I mean against the white, we don’t know what could’ve stood out more! Featuring a 2-Step polished lip and a retro mesh design it definitely gets this car the attention it deserves. To finish it off, a set of Falken 205/45R16 tyres were fitted to guarantee that extra safety and driving pleasure on the road!

Want to see Avid-1 Wheels for your vehicle? Click here: http://goo.gl/gs34mI

DSC01007_Fotor DSC01009_Fotor DSC01011_Fotor

Another JDM inspired car!

This Honda Accord Euro owner came in wanting a fresh JDM style for his car. In previous weeks he had seen us talking about all his options, for him there really are just too many options to choose from! But in this case it was best to go with main attraction the HUSSLA 027.

With 12 colours to choose from, multiple sizes and offsets, this Accord Euro went with the Matte Bronze to stand out that little bit from the black paint of the car. The 027’s measured up to 18×8.75 and were wrapped up with Kumho 215/40ZR18 tyres. To really finalise this JDM look, the brakes were sprayed red. The end result engaged simplicity, yet it will still stand out on a busy street.

Click here to see Hussla 027’s for your vehicle: http://goo.gl/JvcNjz

DSC01109_Fotor DSC01108_Fotor DSC01111_Fotor

Chameleon or Spider? Why not both?!

It’s not every day that you come across an awesome paintjob like this on a Honda Prelude, or any car for that matter! This owner obviously wanted to make the most of customising his car, so he definitely came to the right place.

There was no doubt that the new Hussla Spider 673 wheels were the way to go. With a unique spider-like spoke design and black/machined face, this car and its wheels were bound to look ferocious on the road. The wheels sized up to 18×7.5, paired up with a set of Falken 215/35R18 tyres. This Prelude left Ozzy Tyres ready to put on a show!

Get the Hussla Spider for your car here: http://goo.gl/t3N3z8

DSC01098_Fotor DSC01086_Fotor DSC01102_Fotor DSC01101_Fotor


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Black is Back

Every week another black car comes through wanting the all black treatment. We always say “Once you go black, you can never go back” and for this Mazda CX9 going all black was the only option.

Packing a whopping 22inch under the huge SUV guards, the CX9 now filled with the joys of the Vertini Dynasty wheel. The Vertini Dynasty is one of our top selling wheels; it offers a unique inner lip mounts a flowing row of rivets that brings this wheel to the next level. For this black Mazda, matte black was the way to go, especially with the gold rivets for that extra wow-factor. For size the 22×10.5 was the perfect choice, combined with Sunny Tyres in 265/40R22.

Get the all black experience for your car here: http://goo.gl/csevBO

DSC01179_Fotor DSC01180_Fotor DSC01184_Fotor DSC01181_Fotor


One, Two, Three, FOR…D Ranger

Another Ford Ranger has made its way to Ozzy Tyres this week, we’re beginning to lose count on just how many come in! This time round the customer opting for a touch of Matte Black, to further contrast with the Wildtrack’s gunmetal paint.

Just like most of the Ford Rangers that come through, this ranger went with the KMC Monster 2 treatment, bolting them on in 20×9. With the whole Ranger being a dark colour already, Full Matte Black was definitely the colour of choice for the wheels too. Paired up with a set of Monsta Terrain Grippers in 285/50R20, we guess you could say this car is Monsta-rous!

Get the Monster Treatment for your vehicle here: http://goo.gl/fi8f42

DSC00897_Fotor DSC00892_Fotor DSC00901_Fotor DSC00893_Fotor

It’s Raining Green and Gold with this Commodore Wagon!

Ozzy, Ozzy, Ozzy… OI OI OI! It truly doesn’t get more Aussie than this. The owner of this Green Commodore SS Wagon came in wanting to show off his Aussie pride.

To do so we started off with selecting a staggered set of gold faced wheels, the Vertini Drift seemed like the perfect fit! It is simple yet elegant, only complementing the striking green of this Commodore rather than overpowering it.

With a size of 20×8.5 at the front and 20×10 in the back, the Vertini Drift in this occasion going for a more aggressive fitment on the rear. The end product is true green and gold.

Deck out your car with the Vertini Drift: http://goo.gl/rvqmjo

DSC00945_Fotor DSC00946_Fotor DSC00950_Fotor DSC00948_Fotor


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Ahhhh ! So many Spiders!

This week was a popular week for the all-new Hussla Spider 673 wheels. One of the latest wheels from Hussla, the 673 Spider is most certainly an eye-catcher, especially on this beautiful blue Ford FG XR6!

This owner was the first to own a set of the Spider 673’s, and boy was she pleased! She went with the black/machined face wheels, sizing up at 20×8.5. To complete the look, we fitted a set of the Zenna Argus tyres in 245/35R20 for that extra traction on the road. Let’s face it, you can never go wrong with these new Hussla Spiders, they are guaranteed to look good!

Give your car some spiders here: http://goo.gl/t3N3z8

DSC00918_Fotor DSC00927_Fotor DSC00942_Fotor DSC00936_Fotor


Jeep gets Luxurious with XO Luxury Wheels

When it comes to 4×4’s the motto seems to be “Go big or Go home” and for this Jeep Grand Cherokee, this was no exception.

A set of XO Luxury Wheels in Caracas fit this motto, and this Jeep too! It then came to choosing the size and colour, the owner finally decided on a whopping size of 22×10.5 and the popular Matte Black finish. To finish it all up a set of Lexani tyres in 265/40R22 completed this beast.

DSC01129_Fotor DSC01132_Fotor DSC01135_Fotor DSC01131_Fotor


Mercedes SLK

The Mercedes SLK 200 is such a gorgeous car, with its timeless lines and electric hard top… why not upgrade the wheels to suit the todays fashion. To give this SLK even more of a custom touch the owner knew it was time for a set of Hussla wheels.

The exclusive Hussla Zane 651 is the way to go when you are after something masculine, yet subtle and classy. Going for a 20” and the elite Dark Tint finish, this owner definitely received exactly what he was looking for. Taking advantage of our wheel and tyre packages, he coupled a set of Zenna 225/30ZR20’s to go with his Hussla Zane’s.

The end result was just amazing with the subtle designs from this era of Mercedes matching perfectly the Zane’s 5-spoke design.

Get the exclusive Hussla Zane here: http://goo.gl/0FZL2u

DSC00973_Fotor DSC00970_Fotor DSC00974_Fotor DSC00976_Fotor

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages


Mini Cooper S

Everybody loves a Mini Cooper! It is just a great modern interpretation of a classic car, and with movies like The Italian Job, they’re sure to put a smile on your face as well.

But how do you take a timeless design and make it fresh again? Wheels! For something simple, sleek, subtle… yet sporty, a set of Matte Black Hussla 030’s were selected and fitted. But not wanting to go too big, the 17×7’s were chosen – keeping things legal and hot! Finally to guarantee this little beauty’s safety on road, a set of Zenna 215/40R17 were fitted for that extra bit of traction.

Get the Hussla 030’s for your car here: http://goo.gl/jvkE7k

DSC00911_Fotor DSC00913_Fotor DSC00908_Fotor DSC00907_Fotor


Nissan S15

Another blue beauty made its way into Ozzy Tyres this week, this time it was a Nissan S15. As the all-Australian Hussla wheels get more and more popular as the weeks go on, there wasn’t much deliberation when it came to choosing wheels for this car.

With so much choice in the Hussla range, this new customer wanted something that will stand out against the blue and what better way than a Gold faced wheel? So the final contestants were down to the 050, 027, 021 or the 030, and the winner is … THE HUSSLA 027 in 18×9.75!

He couldn’t say no to making it a package deal, so along with the wheels a set of Roadstone Tyres in 215/35R18 were fitted and to top it off, he decided to match a set of blue locknuts onto his wheels.

Get some gold Hussla 027’s for your car here: http://goo.gl/1vIx0Q

DSC01142_Fotor DSC01139_Fotor DSC01143_Fotor DSC01137_Fotor


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

As always we will leave you with our Week 12- The Week That Was video for your entertainment!