Week 13 Review

Where do we begin? Can  you believe that one-third of 2016 is over already? It was super busy this week both online and in-store so we just can’t wrap our heads around it! They do say time flies when you’re having fun, and that is exactly what happened this week!

A huge range of cars came through this week, even a VF Holden that was the first of its kind to receive that Hussla Zane treatment. With that rare Dark Tint, who wouldn’t want it?

We also received a massive shipment, restocking most of our Hussla, Stance and KMC Wheels, as well as our ever so popular Monsta Terrain Gripper tyres. Get your hands on them as soon as possible, before you miss out!

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

BMW E92 Coupe M-Sport

When the M division put so much energy into producing a seductive and subtle coupe, they will always hit the nail on the head. You don’t have to persuade yourself that it’s a good-looking car, because it is! In saying that to take the car next level, the addition of a new set of wheels is always a first and a must.

The Avant Garde wheels show resemblance to some of BMW’s finest racing wheels and look absolutely at ease on this car. The Avant Garde M310’s in 19×9.5 were the way to go and it just couldn’t go wrong in a Matte Black finish! For maintaining traction a set of Kumho tyres in 225/35ZR19 were fitted for that final touch.

The ending product was just what this owner envisioned. To see if these Avant Garde M310’s will fit your car, click here: http://goo.gl/SJ5T9C


DSC01399_Fotor DSC01397_Fotor DSC01396_Fotor


Datsun Bluebird

It’s not every day you see a Japanese tuner classic like this one! For this Datsun Bluebird, it’s been modified for over 20 years packing quite a few kilowatts of shove. But as the years go by this owner knew that his baby has to keep up with modern trends, but still maintain its classic appeal. So what better than to get a new set of wheels and tyres!

Subtlety was the key with this Datsun. A set of Gloss Black Hussla 027’s were chosen in 17×8.25, not too big…not too small! And to finish up a set of Toyo Semi-Slick Tyres in 215/45ZR19 were fitted to make sure this Bluebird is safe on the road…whilst chasing the horizon.

Get your own set of Hussla 027’s today! : http://goo.gl/4SI3QP


DSC01272_Fotor DSC01287_Fotor DSC01288_Fotor DSC01290_Fotor


Ford Explorer

We’re starting to see a trend here, this is the 3rd Ford Explorer in black to come in and get these monster 22inch Fiero No.14’s! The best way to make a statement without going too overboard is to get a set of wheels with a nice contrast to your car. And that’s exactly what this Explorer owner has done.

The black and red design subtly contrasts with the big SUV and gives the car wanted ‘beef’ with its very deep gloss black dish. Going for a huge 20×9 we paired these wheels up with a set of Zenna 265/35ZR22 on all 4 corners. The final product brought a look that is still tough, but definitely brings that wow-factor.


DSC01429_Fotor DSC01432_Fotor DSC01431_Fotor


Ford Ranger

We hope you aren’t getting sick of hearing about all these Ford Rangers, because we certainly aren’t! For this Ranger owner after a chat to our sales team and seeing the results of the previous Rangers, he was certain that what he wanted was the traditional Ford Ranger combination.

The KMC Rockstar 2 and Monsta Terrain Gripper were the perfect recipe for this vehicle. Going for the Matte Black finish to tie in the grills and roll bar, the owner also wanted to freshen up the braking system by adding detailed brake calipers to really make it all pop! Unlike the other Rangers that have come in, this one decided to keep it simple with the Rockstar 2’s coming in 18×9 and the tyres in 285/60R18.

Would you like to see if your car can rock out with these Rockstars? Click here: http://goo.gl/QuFqSb






Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres PackagesFord Ranger- Canberra

We’re starting to wonder if any Ford Ranger owner is satisfied with the factory wheels and tyres it comes with, because it’s the most popular vehicle to come in to our shops each and every week! But truth be told, wheels and tyres is our business and we know exactly how important a simple upgrade can be for any car. This week it was Canberra’s turn to transform this Gunmetal Ranger. Once again it’s in the details and tying the whole car together.

That’s why this owner went for the KMC Rockstar 2’s with the machined face with black accents, suited to the chrome grill and roll bar. 20inch wheels really intensifies the big wheel look, adding a set of Monsta Terrain Grippers in 285/50R20 to really complete that “tough guy” appearance.

He even chosen to have the white writing displayed to spice things up and tie the whole new look together.

DSC05309_Fotor DSC05311_Fotor DSC05313_Fotor DSC05307_Fotor


Holden VF

The Hussla Zane’s have been seemingly popular these past few weeks, and who could blame it?! The contemporary subtle design amplifies its size and presence with a super concave face. This Holden VF owner wanted to be the first VF to get the ZANE Treament.

The Dark Tint is what really makes this wheel one of a kind. The owner opted out for a huge 20×10 set along with the Lexani LX20 225/45ZR20 tyres, filling the guards perfectly. All that’s left is a suspension drop and a cruise!

To see if the Zane Dark Tint is for your car, click here: http://goo.gl/0FZL2u


DSC01347_Fotor DSC01346_Fotor DSC01348_Fotor DSC01349_Fotor


Honda Odyssey

When it’s your turn for the carpool after soccer practice, you definitely want to ride up in style. This Honda Odyssey owner wanted to transform their family vehicle into something eye-catching and luxurious.

What better way to do that then bolting up the all new dark tint Avant Garde M580? The classic dark tint matches up perfectly against the gunmetal grey. To top it off we wrapped it up with a set of Lexani LX20’s.

The final product measured up to be 20” all round, with the tyres at 245/35ZR20. We know that this owner is going to be the envy of all the parents!

DSC01370_Fotor DSC01378_Fotor DSC01358_Fotor DSC01377_Fotor


Jeep Grand Cherokee

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has exemplary handling and performance and a truckload of equipment which has made it very popular among Australians wanting a big, off-road capable, four-wheel drive wagon. This customer bought a jeep, so we fitted it up!

After walking back and forth around our showroom, he owner came to his final decision… The Avant Garde M310’s! All black everything is always a safe bet, especially in the SUV world.  The wheels give the car a tough aftermarket look whilst not losing its factory comfort and durability. The owner chose the M310’s in20x8.5 with Sunny 265/50R20 tyres all fitted balanced and ready to go!

Do you like what you see? Click here to find the Avant Garde M310’s for your car: http://goo.gl/SJ5T9C

DSC01304_Fotor DSC01305_Fotor DSC01307_Fotor

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

Kia Sportage

The name says it all, sport, and to maintain a sporty look we knew exactly what we needed to do for this car. We know the Hussla Spider 673’s have been extremely popular over these past two weeks, so when we showed them to this customer, he knew he just had to get his hands on them!

Subtly changing the overall look and owning the sport in sportage, a set of black with machined face Hussla Spiders were fitted. Measuring up at 18×7.5 and wrapped up in Kumho 245/50R18. This customer was certainly pleased with the final outcome!

Do you like the final outcome like this customer? Well you can get your own set of Hussla Spiders here: http://goo.gl/t3N3z8


DSC01415 DSC01414 DSC01416 DSC01417


Mazda RX7

The Mazda Rx7 is one of Japans most beautifully designed cars. Known for its sleek styling, unique rotary engine and pop up lights, the two-door coupe was an instant hit from the moment it was introduced. Such a beautiful line design meant it was time for very subtle wheels.

We suggested a set of the very popular Hussla Zane’s. As you probably know with the 5 spoke-concave design, the unique dark tint and added detailed brake calipers, this customer just couldn’t say no! He opted for the 20×8.5 wrapped up in Lexani LX20 225/35ZR20. The end result? Well, it just speaks for itself!

Click here to see the Hussla Zane for your vehicle: http://goo.gl/0FZL2u


DSC01253_Fotor DSC01258_Fotor DSC01254_Fotor DSC01257_Fotor


Mitsubishi Lancer

The Lancer has been one of Australia’s favourite tuner cars for nearly 2 decades. Over that time the styling has changed and the technology has changed but the bottom line of modifying and upgraded has stayed the same.

We put a set of Hussla 030’s on this Lancer for a pretty subtle change. When we say subtle we mean that from a distance it doesn’t seem like too much is going on. But that’s the beauty of the Gloss Black with Milled Accents finish. Up close you can see the Milled detailing on the edges of the spokes, giving this wheel that little bit of an edge.

The final product measured up as 17×7 for the wheels, and we finished up this modification with a set of Zenna Argus 215/40ZR17 tyres.

DSC01419_Fotor DSC01420_Fotor DSC01422_Fotor


Subaru Forester

We then had this beast drive into our store. The Subaru Forester- perfect for the family, both on and off road! This customer was after something tough and macho, but at the same time sophisticated. With a wide range of matte black wheels to choose from, he finally decided on the Vertini Dynasty.

All black with a touch of red, classic. The depth from the rivets allow an all-black wheel to have character and show off the sheer size of these huge wheels. And with the brakes sprayed red, this Forester is certainly eye-catching. The wheels measured up at 20×10, then they were finalised with the Lexani LX20 in 245/35ZR20 to match each wheel.

Don’t miss out! Get the Vertini Dynasty for your vehicle here: http://goo.gl/csevBO


DSC01311_Fotor DSC01312_Fotor DSC01314_Fotor


Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages


Subaru Impreza

For this new Subaru Impreza, one of its first adventures was into Ozzy Tyres to get a new set of wheels. This owner wasn’t wasting anytime at all! He knew exactly what he wanted.

With 9 spokes and a super straight or concave design, the Hussla Mia 641 was the hot pick for this Impreza! The Hussla Mia in gloss black with machined tips is one of our most recent additions to our showroom line up. This owner opted for Mia’s in 19×8.5, finishing up with a set of Nitto INVO in 245/35R19.

DSC01385_Fotor DSC01383_Fotor DSC01388_Fotor DSC01387_Fotor


Toyota Hilux

The old girl has some new tricks. The Toyota Hilux is known as the best-selling 4×4 Utility in Australia and we had one come rolling in for that little “something extra.” It just goes to show, a fresh set of wheels will always set off your car whether it be a Ferrari or a utility.

As the Hilux is the best-selling Utility, we thought it was fitting to pair it up with a set of our best-selling wheel- the Hussla 030. As this owner didn’t want anything that would stand out too much, he settled for the wheels in the colour Chromium. Sizing up at 18×8.75, the wheels were then finished off with a set of Roadstone 235/50ZR18 Tyres.

Each week more and more Hussla 030’s are being sold, don’t miss out: http://goo.gl/slBm0K


DSC01280_Fotor DSC01292_Fotor DSC01293_Fotor DSC01281_Fotor


Toyota Kluger

A brand new Toyota Kluger came into our shop this week, and what a beast it is! It is known as the modern family SUV, being a seven-seater with a powerful V6 engine that is smooth and quiet to drive. What else could make the drive even more smooth and quiet? Well, a new set of wheels and tyres from Ozzy Tyres!

This family man chose the Vertini Magic wheels in 20”, and what looks better on white than Matte Black? To take it that little step further, to really make it stand out, he decided that he wanted red detailed brake calipers to really tie the whole look together. Wrapping it up with the Lexani LX20 265/45R20 on all four corners, this dad is definitely going to be dropping his kids off in style!

Enjoy the Vertini Magic on your vehicle here: http://goo.gl/fyGJ3W


DSC01201 DSC01200 DSC01202 DSC01203


Hyundai i30- Canberra

This young lady came into our Canberra store this week wanting a set of bright wheels on her Hyundai i30, something that was going to turn heads on the streets. So fittingly, we showed her to our Hussla Range.

We showed her the 027s, 021s and 030s since they all had such a range of colours to choose from. After lots of umm-ing and ahh-ing, she finally picked the 030’s. With 9 different colours to choose from there was just one that stood out to her the most… The Tiffany Blue! We then had them bolted, fitted and balanced and just like Cinderella’s glass slipper, these are the perfect fit.

To wrap up this beauty and make sure it maintains traction on the road, a set of Zenna Argus 225/40ZR18’s were put on.

DSC05289_Fotor DSC05286_Fotor DSC05288_Fotor DSC05285_Fotor

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages


Lexus Gs- Canberra

Our Canberra store had this gorgeous Lexus G6 drive in this week. How can you not admire the beautiful build of this car? This owner came in wanting bigger wheels for an even bigger car. This week seems to be very popular for the Hussla Zane, so of course, we suggested just that!

Going for a big size of 19×9.5, we wrapped the dark tint wheels in a set of Dunlop 245/40ZR19 wheels, filling the guards perfectly! The final product resulted in a very subtle, yet elegant finish.

Join the Hussla Zane trend here: http://goo.gl/0FZL2u


DSC05301_Fotor DSC05304_Fotor DSC05302_Fotor


Nissan 350z

They always say less is more and for this 350Z owner, that’s exactly what he was opting for when he came into Ozzy Tyres. He wanted something neat, tied together and classy… and as always, we had the perfect set of wheels for him!

The Avant Garde M310 was a flawless fit. It’s mesh style and inner spoke groove design adds a new twist to the mesh style design. In no time at all, a set of Lexani LX20 tyres were wrapped around 4 20×8 in the Front, and 20×10 in the rear AG M310rims. With upgraded wheels, suspension and exhaust, this 350Z is the definition of taking it to the next level!

Do you want flawless wheels for your car? Get the AG M310’s here: http://goo.gl/Mc7Ayt


DSC05280_Fotor DSC05284_Fotor DSC05279_Fotor DSC05282_Fotor


VW Golf R32

When VW brought out the R32, people lost their minds! What was a 3.2L v6 doing in a little VW Golf, along with an all-wheel drive system and exhaust growl to make any driver notice a distinct difference? Well as impressive as the Golf R32 is, Ozzy Tyres were able to make it even better.

Golf R32, meet the Hussla 030. You guys know how popular the 030 is. 18×8.75 were selected for each corner and when it came to choosing the colour, this owner knew that all black is key. With the gloss black being chosen, the milled edges really brought shape to the wheel and the red brakes show off the stopping power of this little hot hatch.

DSC01464_Fotor DSC01466_Fotor DSC01465_Fotor DSC01463_Fotor


Toyota Corolla

Sometimes stock/standard isn’t the answer. A person’s car is usually said to be an expression of the owner’s personality. So why settle for what everyone else has? All cars deserve a pair of wheels that suit not only the car, but the owner too! Another young lady came into our Canberra store this week telling us exactly what she wanted, and we were more than happy to help!

As black never goes out of style, this young lady wanted a set of wheels that could last her for years! The Hussla Range is always popular with our young customers. And so with that, another set of Hussla 030’s in Gloss Black with Milled Accents were bought. A set of 17×7 were opted for, along with a set of 235/45ZR17 Zenna Argus tyres!

DSC05277_Fotor DSC05276_Fotor

Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages

So as this week starts, you can sit back, relax and watch little snippets of what when down at Ozzy this week: