The Commodore VZ is a fully paid up member of the Aussie muscle car club. The lines along the bodywork look as if they’ve been put there for more than aerodynamics. It looks like they’ve been placed there to give the look of a protruding muscle. The factory fitted rims do also add to the muscular look of this vehicle and make the commodore VZ look like it’s always in ‘attack mode’.


The VZ edition of the Commodore was only around between 2004 and 2006 in the saloon car format so if you’re an owner, you’re potentially one of a fairly exclusive club as there have been several Commodore models released since.

Whether you own the saloon, the ute or the estate version of the VZ, you could still benefit from a new set of rims to keep your Commodore looking strong. Here are a few pints of inspiration to help you choose some rims for your VZ

which size of wheel should I go for?

It’s partly down to personal taste and the Commodore offers the choice of any size between 17 and 20 inches. So there’s a bit of room to play with.

In terms of keeping the muscle car look, the bigger the better definitely applies. However, you will have to consider that buying bigger rims than your existing ones will mean buying new tyres too. Luckily Ozzy Tyres do some great wheel and tyre packages to make buying both together more affordable. If you do decide to go big, it’s also worth considering the ride comfort. Bigger rims often ends up meaning lower profile tyres which can result in a harder ride.

Having said that, many of our customers do choose to go big and our range of 20 inch tyres are definitely to go-to size.

Width wise, depending on the exact edition of VZ you have, the widths vary anywhere between 205 to 245 so be sure to check the numbers on your tyre wall to be sure you’re getting the correct width. Many of our customers also opt to have staggered widths so it’s good to factor this in when choosing your wheels and tyres.


Which style?

The two most popular styles are deep dish and concave wheels. The stock standard factory rims are a fairly plain, flat, five spoke design. We do supply wheels with a similar style but we think the VZ deserves more than just the factory standard.

We have a huge variety of concave style wheels but the Vertini Dynasty range stands out as a great choice for commodore VZs. These still have a simple seven spoke design but the gaps between the spokes is greater so you can see more of your brake discs and calipers. The matte graphite colour also looks great with pretty much any paint job.

Deep dish wise, the Hussla 021 is a great option. The two colour combo works well with the studs to give this wheel a great street racer look. The Hussla 021 comes in a range of colours so if you’re feeling braver than the standard black and chrome, you could branch out to blue white or gold.

In order to get as close to the factory standard as possible you could go with the Hussla Zane. This wheel has chunky spokes just like the originals and comes in a few colour options if you wanted to put your own stamp on the original.


Technical specifications

When ordering new wheels and tyres it’s important to know which wheels will fit on your vehicle. You can’t really go wrong with our wheel and tyre selector but just to make sure here are the technical specs for the Commodore VZ.

  • 5×120 pcd stud pattern
  • 5 nuts
  • 9 centrebore

Getting the best price for your VZ Rims

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