Whilst XXR is our most popular brand of wheels here at Ozzy Tyres, the variety of cars we fit them too never ceases to amaze us. One of the surprises is the popularity of XXRs from Volkswagen owners
As it turns out, after a little digging, this is another worldwide phenomenon that Australia is not isolated in.

As the world is now welcoming the 7th generation of Golf from Volkswagen, and the “R” performance variant about to be released, we felt this was a good chance to look at the past models and the future of XXR wheels.

The Golf really is a global car, sold in every major market around the world. Over its 40 year, 7 generation history, VW has sold 29 million Golfs. With this has come countless awards, including World Car of the Year on 2 occasions. What makes the car so popular is its versatility; from basic shopping trolleys to upmarket high performance hot hatches, and everything in between, the golf fills the segments with hatches, cabrios, wagons and sedans.

This article is designed to inspire VW owners with ideas, and should they like anything they see, feel free to contact Ozzy Tyres.

Here’s a small selection of the Golfs, Boras and Jettas we’ve fitted XXRs to here at Ozzy.

And now, from all over the world….

SOURCE: Images from Ozzytyres.com.au and Google