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Which Transporter do you own? Are you still running a 1980s edition or are you driving one of the more modern models? Either way, fitting a new set of rims on your VW Transporter will give it an instant hit of style.


The 1980s Transporter is a borderline classic. It’s not quite got the status of the split screen VW hippy van but it’s probably the next best thing. You still see some 1980s transporters on the road in really great condition and sometimes with some awesome modifications from custom paint jobs to some brand new rims.


The newer Transporters on the other hand are more aligned with delivery vehicles like Ford transits. You can still get Transporters which have been kitted out with beds and cookers but a large proportion of the Transporters on the road today are work vehicles. But that’s no reason not to upgrade the rims on your Transporter and that’s why you’re reading this page right?!


So without further ado, here are some options and suggestions for rims for your VW Transporter.


Rims for classic VW Transporters

Transporters form the 80s have a certain kitsch appeal. They aren’t so much about performance pedigree and they’re normally bought for the cool factor more than anything. They’re also still great for camping and getting out into the great outdoors so you’ll need a set of rims that are hard wearing and still cool.


Style – It’s true that many alloy wheels look like they’re designed for racing or sports cars. In the case of the VW Transporters of old, this wouldn’t look quite right. So we recommend something a bit more low key. Try the Avid AV-06 on for size. It’s simple and straightforward just a nice bit of shine to bring your Transporter back to life.


Size – Traditional Transporter rims are quite small with a reasonably think tyre wall. The tyres are generally quite narrow so be sure to look out for that in the size of rim you choose. If you want to keep the same look of the small wheels, our rims start at 16 inches and go all the way up to 24 inches. That said, you probably won’t be able to get the larger sizes on your Transporter with out other modifications as the wheel arch is so small.


You could go slightly bigger than 16 inches and put some tyres on there with a slightly lower profile. Ozzy Tyres offer some great wheel and tyre packages to make this approach more affordable – more on that later.


Colour – A quick Google image search would suggest that old school Transporters mostly come in green or burnt orange. However, obviously a large number of other colours exist and there are some awesome custom paint jobs out there. There’s also a trend towards half and half paint jobs so if you’ve got hat set up on your van, we recommend matching the colour of your wheel to the lower colour.


The colour of the rims you choose also affect the look. Going back to the racey look of may alloy wheels, it’s wise to go for something with a machine face. Black looks a bit too aggressive and chrome looks a bit flashy to suit the humble transporter. At Ozzy Tyres we can also custom paint your rims so if you would like a louder colour to match your paint job, just let us know.


Rims for modern VW Transporters

When you use our online wheel selector, we split our transporter models in to pre and post 2003. Post 2003 Transporters tend to be the workhorses we mentioned at the top of this page.


But that doesn’t mean you can’t modify them to give them a new look. After all, 4x4s are work vehicles too and you wouldn’t think twice about putting a new set of alloy wheels on one of those.


Style – You’ve pretty much got free reign when it comes to the styles you could go for on a modern transporter. It’s all down to the personality or impression you want to give off. Sticking with the 4×4 comparison, you could go for something aggressive looking like the Hussla Soldiers or the KMC Rockstars. Alternatively, if you want more of a minimalist/sporty look, you can’t go wrong with the Avant Garde Illest range.


Finally, if you want to give your Transporter the executive look, something along the lines of the Stance SC-6 which looks pretty smart next to a black or silver paint job.


Size – You’ve got a bit of leeway in terms of size on the modern Transporters. The max we’d recommend is 20 inches but that’s still one hell of a lot of wheel. If you end up going for the Avant Garde range mentioned above, these do only come in the 20 inch size. Remember, our wheels also come in a range of widths so if you need to match them up with your Transporter’s current tyres, be sure to check that out.


Colour – We mentioned the executive look above where a black and silver combo looks great. We can do custom paint jobs on any wheel you choose though so if you want something to match a certain colour, we can sort it out for you.


Performance – If you’re the proud owner of a TDI Transporter or similar, performance might be high on your agenda. If that’s the case, check out what your chosen rims are made of. The difference between aluminium and magnesium alloy is small these days but definitely think about the difference in performance between forged alloys and multi piece alloys. What’s more, the size of your wheel in combination with your tyres will affect handling through the corners but it will also affect the ride comfort. It can be a tricky decision!


Get the best price for your VW Transporter wheels

Ozzy Tyres are dedicated to making wheels and tyres affordable to everyone no matter what their budget. Here’s what we can do for you.


Discounted alloy wheels – Due to our superior buying power, we can command the best prices form our suppliers and pass those savings on to you. Keep checking our website to see the lastest discounts and sales on our huge range of wheels.


Wheel and tyre packages – Need to change your tyres at the same time? No worries. We offer great value for money packages to take the sting out of buying both at the same time. Tyres can often compliment the look of your new rims so it’s a popular option with our customers.


Interest free finance – We can offer interest free finance over a massive 24 month period. You can get finance up to $6000 and it really helps manage the cost of your new wheels.




Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages