Every day we get up and expect that our car will work when we turn it over. We expect it is mechanically sound and that it will perform as required to get us to work or a leisure activity. But the fact is cars need to be maintained to ensure overall performance and safety and often with our busy lives services, wheel alignments, oil and water top ups and suspension can be overlooked. Add to that the traffic congestion on many of our roads, the actual state of our roads, the amount of kilometres we drive a year and the varying weather conditions we drive in, and we start to see how much strain we put our vehicles under every day of the week.

At Ozzy Tyres we offer free safety examinations to help ease the worry of every day life. Our checks are without obligation and are complete – providing you with a total picture of your car’s condition from coolant to wipers to brakes, lights and tyres. Our mechanics are well trained and nothing is overlooked, providing you with complete motor vehicle confidence and peace of mind.

So what is wearing out your car?

Starting it. Every time we start our cars when cold, it puts strain on the engine. A good quality oil and frequent changes helps maintain engine health. Want more details – find out why here
Frequent stops. Every time we stop the car, the brake pads wear.
Using your windscreen wipers. Every time you turn on your windscreen wipers they start to wear. And when you don’t use them they dry out and crack.
Taking corners too fast. Puts strain on your tyres and wears out your tread faster.
Not watching for pot holes. Driving over even one pot hole can destroy your wheel alignment and wear your suspension and tyre tread faster
Untimely services. Delaying servicing can wear out your car’s engine