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The Toyota Prado is very famous because it is considered as an ideal family vehicle. Aside from this, it is also used as an off-road monster that can amaze anyone with its performance. Since it is both used as a personal vehicle and off-road terrains, the body is made to be tough.

Ozzy Tyres has in its arsenal all the big brands.  We cater to different size ranges from 16”, 17”, 18”, 19”, and 20” of rims to suit the fitment of your vehicle.


After choosing your preferred rims, you can avail a good set of tyres to pair it up with. Ozzy Tyres has the largest range of tyres, rims, and other car accessories that you can choose from. You can choose from All-Terrain and Mud-Terrain.

If you want to take advantage of your Toyota Prado, you can get a round of BF Goodrich tyres to match it with its excellent performance.

Why Should You Buy Your Toyota Prado Rims From Us?

Ozzy Tyres has over 25 years of substantial experience in the automobile industry. We have in-house specialists in the field of a vehicle to help you with your queries and concerns. You can ask help regarding the size of tyres and wheels, and rims.

All you need to do is choose the items that you need, and our team of experts will handle all the hard work.  We know how daunting it is to buy rims and wheels, and not all people know exactly what their vehicle needs.

Buying from us is fast and convenient. All you need to do is to give us the model and the type of rims that you want. We have a broad range of rim fitment that you can choose from. Our team of experts will check your order and tell you their suggestions.


Here are the benefits that you’ll get when you avail your Toyota Prado rims with us.

  • Free Shipment within Australia-wide for all our customers
  • All the rims that we are selling comply with the Australian standards and load rated at Ozzy Tyres
  • Great discounts for bulk orders of Toyota Prado rims
  • 100% fitment guarantee and free balancing
  • Free installation kit for your Toyota Prado rims that are sale together with other tyre packages

Toyota Prado Standard Rim Sizes

For the Prado 150 rims, you can choose from GX 17×6.5” ET15, GXL 17.7.5” ET25, and VX+ 18×7.5” ET25. These models have the perfect fitment for your Prado.

For the Prado 120 rims, you can choose from GX/Standard 17×6” ET50 and GXL + 17.7.5 ET30.

Ozzy Tyres promise to deliver you only the best of the Toyota Prado rims that will go an extra mile regarding durability and performance.


Benefits Of Choosing Ozzy Tyres

Affordable Prices

Discounted Delivery Australia Wide

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Fitted And Balanced

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20 Years Industry Experience

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