The Toyota Hilux is the toughest late model independent 4wd on the market. We offer a tried and tested 4’’ lift kit that will not only give you 4’’ of lift it will improve stability at speed and massively improve your Hilux’s handling! Based around a Bilstein shock absorber this package provides new King springs in any spring rate in the front, depending on accessories, Ironman performance leaf springs, greasable shackles, u-bolts and new leaf spring bushes all round. Achieving the extra height is simple with the extra height coming from a Performance Suspension 25mm strut spacer.



This allows an extra 35mm of lift without “over extending” the shock and leaving you with no droop travel, unlike other 4’’ kits on the market! Also included is a Performance Suspension 30mm extended upper ball joint! This allows zero bind between the upper arm and the spring, also allowing unrestricted downward travel of the suspension meaning traction while articulation is increased! Also included is a Performance Suspension diff drop kit. Kit comes pre-assembled with new strut tops! Lift front 95mm – 110mm and rear is 75mm – 85mm.