Add a touch of class to your ride! Ozzy Tyres have been the innovator of everything wheels and tyres, with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Accommodating for all in the Australian modified car scene, we bring to you the all new Touchdown SA1 wheels!

Ozzy Tyres only bring to you the best wheels from around the world. Touchdown Wheels are no different, as they are innovatively designed to suit a luxury style vehicle. Compliment your pride and joy with a set of Touchdown SA1! These beautiful wheels feature a wide 5 split spoke that has been crafted into thin spokes to make your car stand out from the crowd! There are also customisable rivet bolts that run along the lip to add an aggressive but luxurious touch to the wheels. The Touchdown Wheels SA1 is a match made in heaven for your car!

Check out the wheels for yourself below. It’s impeccable design speaks for itself!

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One of our lucky customers pre-ordered the Touchdown SA-1 before it landed in our stores in Australia. Check it out:

There’s no deny the outstanding beauty these wheels possess! Our specialised staff can offer great advice as to what widths and offsets should be put on your car so that these Touchdown SA1 sit perfectly on your car. We understand the love you have for your car, so you can trust us to treat your car with utmost respect! Why not browse our online store and receive FREE SHIPPING (metro areas only) or alternatively, give our friendly staff a call on 1300 699 699 to discuss the different options available and the best deals possible!

Click here to see our Touchdown SA1 specials!