Ozzy Tyres are innovators when it comes to wheels and tyres. Accommodating for the ever changing trends, Ozzy Tyres bring to you only the best wheels on the market. Introducing the all new Touchdown TM1 & TM2 Wheels!

Add some class to your car with the Touchdown TM1 or TM2!

Stemming from the same family tree, these two wheels the Touchdown TM1 & TM2 share similar characteristics. They are both designed with thin spokes for a luxurious look, combined with a gloss black backing complimented by machined accents around the spokes.

The TM1 features a split spoke design to add a little aggressiveness to the wheels, while retaining a touch of class.
The TM2 is a more simple design with 10 spokes that are also thin which extend all the way to the edge of the rim giving off an illusion of bigger wheels.

Touchdown TM1 

Touchdown TM2

Ozzy Tyres have been in the wheel and tyre industry for over 20 years so we understand the culture behind modifying cars. We know that your car is your pride and joy so we treat it with care and respect! You can trust Ozzy Tyres to look after your car with utmost respect. Our specialised staff have years of experience under their belt, where we can advise you as to what wheel widths and offsets you should run on your car to make them sit beautifully under your guards. Why not browse our online store to receive FREE SHIPPING (to metro areas only) when you check out or alternatively, give our friendly staff a call on 1300 699 699 for more info!

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