Through the lens, Week 4 – 206 @ Ozzy Tyres


Mazda 1300 on Hussla HXR030


Well, we just completed our biggest week in history!! We’ve sent out, fitted, customised and changed the lives for more car owners Australia wide than ever before and of course it is thanks to you! Even with Australia Day public holiday landing in the middle of the week, we managed to keep our doors open and help out the ‘Aussie battlers’ who were counting down the days for a public holiday to come in, check out the range and get themselves a new set of wheels.


2016 Holden VF SS V goes wide on Hussla Directional

We had a beautiful Mazda 1300 packing a powerful set up, customising a set of Hussla HXR030 with the rubber it needed to gain the traction to chase the horizon that little bit quicker. Along with that a VF Series-II SS came in for a real wide set of Hussla Directional’s measuring 20×10 all round. All this Hussla, Hussla, we also received two new Hussla models; Mia & Zane. These two will be hot topic in coming weeks!

Monsta Tyres finds Mitsubishi Triton

Monsta Tyres finds Mitsubishi Triton

Ontop of all that, our social media has been getting a lot of love reaching 18.3 million people this week! That’s comes down to about 15,000 shares across 7 days of automotive and Ozzy Tyres excellence! Once again THANK YOU. Time to let some photos’ do some talking and show you the Ozzy Tyres difference, we’re more than just your local tyre shop… we’re your local tyre shop no matter where you are, enjoy Week 4 – 20156 @ Ozzy Tyres:

The new Hussla ZANE!

The new Hussla ZANE!

The all new Hussla MIA!

The all new Hussla MIA!

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