What better way to kick off the summer season then a meet!  This year the Panda Junction Meet serves as the East Coast season opener for events of this scale, attracting cars from all over the Mid- Atlantic region.  Panda Junction was held at the Ripken Stadium in Maryland again this year, which serves as a great venue for an event such as this.  Jay Martinez, of the Tuner Evolution Series, and Kenny Cao, of Los Goonies, teamed up once again to bring us a great meet with cool vibes.  Both Jay’s and Kenny’s connections in the car scene allowed for them to bring out some heavy hitters to this event.  I mean how often do you go to a meet and are able to see vehicles that also show at SEMA?

The layout of the meet was more a festival style, with vendors and cars spread out all throughout the lot.  Danny and I decided to just walk around and see what cars got our attention.  There were a lot to choose from as everyone has made changes to their cars since last season, but for the sake of time I decided to highlight a few cars from the TOP 100 VIP parking. The Top 100 cars were pre-screened and approved to park in this section, so you know they were bringing the heat.

First up we have Travis Lee’s 2007 Lexus LS460L.  Travis is building what is going to be a clean example of a VIP inspired car.  The exterior is very clean and tastefully done, you will not find any cracked or wavy fenders on this car.  Travis has his LS sitting on a set of VIP Modular VR11 wheels, which have a brushed clear face and polished lips.  The fitment is dialed in using the factory Lexus air suspension with a modified controller system.  The exterior is then finished off with aero pieces courtesy of Vertex in the form of front and rear lips  & rear window and trunk lid spoilers.

The interior has been totally redone, with custom leather reupholstering and wood flooring. I just can’t get over how clean this car is!  The attention to detail is impeccable, take notes my friends, there’s more to a VIP build than a Junction Produce Fusa hanging from your mirror.

Next up we have Andrew Huang’s Infiniti G35.  Andrew’s G caught my eyes as soon as I walked by it, the car was so clean.  Andrew has a host of modifications on his G35 that compliment one another.  The Kuruma Z front bumper gives the front end quite the aggressive facelift, the rear is fitted with a bumper from Charge Speed.  The bronze finish on his Work Meister provide quite the contrast against his black paint.  The car is lowered using Air Lift’s V2 air ride suspension, which allow for Andrew to tuck on all four corners.

Under the hood you will find a tucked and polished bay.  Andrew has tons of bolt-ons from a new manifold, intake, and throttle body just to name a few.  The polished pieces are just beautiful .

Justin Nebesnak’s Evolution 9 was a hidden gem at the meet.  Justin’s car has everything I look for in a build, a little bit a form and a little bit of function.  Justin’s Evo is lowered on a set of BC Racing coil overs, giving him a nice stance to compliment his CCW’s.   The white faced D11L’s are surrounded by gloss black lips, a unique color way that I haven’t seen before, part of the reason I was attracted to his car in the first place.

The theme of Justin’s interior is BRIDE.  The OEM front seats were replaced with a pair of  BRIDE Low Max’s.  The rear seats were deleted and replaced with a custom block off covered in BRIDE fabric.  The headliner was even replaced for one featuring BRIDE fabric, I guess Justin has a thing for it.

Under the hood is where the magic happens. Justin has a built 2.0 long block, which he needed in order to support the power that his Precision 6266 spits out. Justin spun all four rollers on the dyno to the tune of 590 whp, not bad for a street spec Evo.

Panda Junction was a great time, the weather was nice and so were the cars. Check out the rest of the coverage shot by Danny. Be on the look out for more events from both Los Goonies and Tuner Evolution.


SOURCE: StanceNation