Ozzy Tyres knows that tyre maintenance is one of the simplest yet most neglected aspects when taking care of a vehicle.

Please take care a few minutes to read this brief manual.

Please note Maintenance encourages safety by taking care of your tyres.


Better Fuel Consumption

Tyres will wear evenly, giving you extra Mileage before replacement

Tyres will perform at the optimum rate for performance and safety.

Helpful Tips for Tyres

Always Inflate tyres to the recommended pressure, check owner’s manual for confirmation.

Tyre Pressure needs to be checked monthly as cold and hot weather typically hardens the tyre while the heat expands and tyres reduce pressure.

Never drive a under inflated tyres is certain to cause extended damage and increase fuel consumption.

Tyre Rotation is imperative and always proven to extend the tread life. During the rotation it helps to look at the direction of the wear, as it can determine whether your suspension needs replacing.

Please remove any material stuck on the groove to prevent extended damage and increase consumption.

Avoid excessive pressure as this will reduce the life of the tyre.

Its best practice to get a wheel alignment either every 10,000 kilometres or every six months whichever comes first.

Help tips for wheels

To avoid corrosion from brake dust and other harmful chemicals always use hot soapy water, however, make sure that your vehicle is placed in a cool area to avoid heat dissipation.

If you decide to use the automotive detergents, check to make sure that it does not cause any metal decay.

Remember to apply WAX or Sealant on your wheels after cleaning them. This makes it easier to clean or polish the wheels next time.

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