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Looking to go on an off-road adventure? Don’t let your car Tyres make a waste of your journey. Get in touch with Ozzy Tyres, as we are eagerly waiting to evaluate the best SUV  Tyres that will suit your off-road journey.The SUV tyres we provide at Ozzy are crafter to give you a smooth ride – a legendary performance if we may say. Be it any sort of terrain that you want to undertake – from urban roads to highways or the back country escape – we have the best SUV Tyres to deliver your requirements. You can choose to browse through our online catalogue or get in touch with us through the help line numbers at the top right corner of this page, and we will give you the best options according to your budget and the needed performance.

Even though it is not rocket science, the Tyres are the most important part of any vehicle. In fact they are the only part that should be in contact with the road you are driving on so that you can steer, brake or take corners safely without scratching your base. What really sets SUV tyres from the standard tyres than most cars are equipped with is they are bigger in size and come with larger Rims of course, which makes them perfect to drive your cars on uneven or rugged terrains at higher speeds. SUV Tyres maybe fitted with 16-22 Inch rim fitments which make them pretty versatile for any terrain that you may want to conquer. But, first you need to decide for what purpose you plan to use them – off-road or on-road. There are two main types of SUV Tyres – all terrain tyres and mud-terrain tyres, get in touch with us so that we can tell you what will be best for your vehicles.

Through the past few years, the trend for Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) has really risen in Australia. Not only are these SUVs popular because of their high level of convenience and size, but also provide excitement equivalent to basic sports sedans. Due to this sudden surge in demand for SUVs, the demand for SUV tyres has also risen in Australia. Ozzy Tyres makes the most of this opportunity, but providing the best SUV tyres in and around the country at the most affordable prices. The superb quality controlled aspects of our tyres is what makes them so durable and cost-effective especially in the off-road rugged Australian terrain. The primary requirement of SUV tyres is that they should offer sports car like performance even though they are fitted on much heavier vehicles. To combat this shortcoming, the pattern of these tyres is engraved in a diagonal tread mold that helps them provide unmatched performance in both dry and wet terrain. However you should keep it in mind that SUV Tyres are not the best options if you are looking to drive in a snowy or off-road terrain where it is very easy to slip and lose grip on the road.


SUV TYRES wheel packages


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Ozzy Tyres Wheel And Tyres Packages