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What is a stretched tyre? This is a tyre which has been fitted to a much wider rim than it was originally intended or designed to fit. Stretches vary from an inch to around 3 inches. It has gained a lot of popularity in VW circles and the look is really starting to take off. The benefits of stretched tyres are that they look great (this is a matter of subjective opinion though). They also allow you to run much wider rims without having to alter the arches or bodywork as no part of the tyre may protrude from the bodywork. We have heard many horror stories including the increased risk of blow outs, or sudden deflation and the extra risk of kerbing your alloys. We have even heard of track days where cars running big stretches would often lose tyre pressure and “blow out”. So lets look at the two main arguments for and against them. Stretched tyres are dangerous and risky – the argument against. Are stretched tyres safe or even legal, TorqueCars attempt to unpick the arguments for and against. The arguments against stretched tyres will cite that tyres are designed to fit a specific width of rim. Tyre makers will not warrant their products fitted outside of tolerances and the speed ratings will typically be a few steps lower than a correctly fitted tyre. The load bearing wall of the tyre is designed to be at around a 90 degree tangent to the rim and under cornering this allows a small degree of vertical ‘wobble’ which aids cornering feel and grip. They will state that stretched tyres are no longer within this ideal tolerance and probably 80 or 70 degrees from the rim so subjected to extra stresses and strains. They are also more likely to pop away from the bead when the pressure drops than a standard fitting tyre.

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stretched tyres

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