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Staggered Wheels

Staggered wheels are when the rear wheels are bigger/wider than the front wheels. This is typically for rear wheel cars. Most drivers get staggered wheels for the aesthetics. However, with a rear wheel drive vehicle the extra contact patch helps keep the car from breaking loose too easily under heavy acceleration. Also, with the wider rear you will gain a moderate amount of lateral grip for cornering due to the wider tyres. On a front drive vehicle the wider rear tyre is just along for the ride and you really only benefit under extreme cornering circumstances.

A rear-engine car is tail heavy. This makes the car “over-steer”, i.e. only a slight turn of the front wheels makes the rear end swing out. This can be countered partly by the way the suspension is set up, but also by fitting bigger wheels in the rear than in the front. The staggered fitment, with bigger wheels on the rear axle, not only puts more power on the pavement, it also counteracts the tendency for the rear to swing out by putting more rubber on the road in the rear, thus providing more friction in the rear than the front. This makes the rear and front wheels reach the slipping point at nearly the same time. If the front loses grip before the rear, the car “plows” straight ahead, it “under-steers”.

Here are some Pros and Cons of having Staggered Wheels:


  • It can make a car look more sleek or powerful
  • They make a huge difference in the balance and handling of the car.
  • Traction is better in dry conditions during the summer months, and the vehicle may be able to move more easily over uneven ground


  • You can’t really rotate your tyres because the front and rear tyres are different sizes
  • Decreased fuel economy (Wider rear tyres provide more rolling resistance and decrease MPG),
  • An increase in road noise.

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