The German automaker’s BMW Z4 M is a high-performance sports coupe that is definitely the most desirable model of the line-up. Having appeared right after the Z4 lineup received a facelift in 2006, the model gained its fan base due to the more powerful engine, freshened styling, and midyear introduction of a hatchback coupe mark. The version released by Sleek Designs is even more desirable, since it features car upgrades both mechanical and visual.

The most noteworthy change done to the BMW Z4 M is the completely custom carbon fiber body kit added by the aforementioned guys from Sleek Designs. Well, it’s no wonder, as they make some of the most amazing carbon fiber pieces on the market. Their body kit for the Bimmer consists of the flared wheel arches, a distinguished ducktail style spoiler, all-new front bumper that is way more aggressive if compared to the stock unit, new side skirts, a huge rear diffuser and a revised rear bumper.

As for other enhancements, the model sits on a bright set of orange/bronze custom wheels. Being massively wide at the rear, these eye-catching wheels grab the attention not only because of the bright finish, but thanks to the deep-dish design as well. The interior of the car wasn’t left untouched, too. The cabin boasts a full roll cage painted in gold that matches the wheels perfectly. Moreover, there are red Status Racing seats to add a more racing feel to the coupe. We would say that the enhancements provided by Sleek Designs are emphasized on style and strength!