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Another great find from the UK is this S14 Silvia Zenki rocking a set of XXR 527s and a RocketBunny kit. XXRs have proven to be popular in the UK, particularly in the Japanese Import and drift scene, and that trend is slowly catching on in Australia. S14s locally are becoming rare as they tend to end up a drift missles and see out their days thrashing rear tyres at an alarming rate. This old girl looks almost too good to thrash and presents rather nicely for its age, and looks very nice on 527s.

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Nissan’s have always been a very popular car throughout the UK, mainly because they have created some of the world’s finest drift cars and are known to be extremely iconic through the eyes of the Japanese car enthusiasts. Will Sanctuary’s 200sx S14 is one of the cleanest Silvia’s we’ve laid our eyes on and a lot has changed in the past twelve months of ownership…


It was a huge upgrade for Will changing from his 1.6 Astra Sporthatch to the S14 but we can see why he made the choice. Rear-wheel drive, a lot of potential and fun – what more could you want? It was clearly a match made in heaven.

Will is keen to get known in the drift scene with his Silvia and he’ll be seen at most Jap meets, drift days and events throughout the year. After having been inspired by the USA for creating some of the finest Silvia’s he knew that he just had to have one for himself.

With the Rocketbunny kit being the only one Will liked he knew he had to have it despite the fact that they are more expensive than any other kit but for Will that just makes it even rarer. One of his favourite things about his car is his wheels, the fact that they are concaved rather than dished makes it that little bit more unique.

“Thanks to Darren at GDUK for supplying me with the car in the first place and for giving me good advice when I needed it, also thanks to Aaron Reeve Performance for doing a lot of work to the car and lastly thanks to Gavin at DriftBitz for fitting my new fully forged engine, all the wiring issues and for the all-round help you’ve given!”

Specs list as follows:

86.5mm CP Pistons

Manley Rods

ACL Bearings throughout

Tomei 1.2 metal gasket

Polished crank

ARP studs

Driftworks rocker stoppers

Silent VVT Pulley

Overhaul on head with stock cams

Japspeed baffled and gated sump

Blitz induction kit

Manifold with full system with decat

Braided turbo lines

Braided clutch lines

RocketBunny front bumper

RocketBunny sideskirts

RocketBunny rear bumper

XXR 527 18×9.75

Nissan Skyline (GTST) front brakes

Carbon vented bonnet

Apexi coilovers

Adjustable camber arms

Nardi deep corn mahogany steering wheel

Nardi mahogany gearstick

Cobra Monaco bucket seats

Custom low seat mounts

Sabelt 4-point harness

OMP 4-point harness

Photos: Cameron McKenzie

Words: Karina Mayes

Car: Will Sanctuary


SOURCE: http://slammedia.net/lady-in-red/#more-3617

Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code