A classic cult car – the Toyota AE86 was born in Japan as a lightweight coupe and hatchback introduced in the Japanese market as an affordable rear wheel drive sports car. It was made famous to the Western culture by the Japanese anime, Initial D and from there the popularity grew. This caused a spark in the minds of the wizards working at modern Toyota, and from there a spiritual successor emerged.

Through the power and collaboration of two of Japan’s biggest car manufacturers, Toyota and Subaru, a modern day sports car was born. With a strong heritage dating back to the 80s, the 86 was researched and developed to become a car for modern day enthusiasts without having to compromise comfort and affordability. Presented to the Australian market under Toyota 86 and Subaru BRZ, this modern day grand tourer sports coupe has made a huge impact in the sports car market.

The car is equipped with a boxer engine developed by Subaru, combined with a front-engine rear-wheel-drive layout, it is a dream to drive. Although the motor is outputting only about 149kw, the 86 was developed more as a well-balanced car weighing only roughly 1200kgs, the power to weight ratio has given this car unbelievable handling capabilities. With a sleek modern look, the styling is impeccable on the 86. Coming out from factory, the 86 and BRZ has its own unique touch.

Unfortunately, the PCD of the wheels are an uncommon size of 5×100. Many aftermarket wheels are not offered in this size, but there is one wheel manufacturer that hasn’t forgotten about these modern day enthusiasts.

XXR Wheels.

XXR specializes in state-of-the-art aluminum alloy wheels. Today, the company produces more than 2.4 million rims a year. XXR wheels are not only sleek and stylish but also efficient and durable. With decades of experience, sophisticated design solutions and devotion to quality, XXR create the ultimate in style and performance for your vehicle. With models that have a multi-spoke concave style to suit your modern racer look, or for a classic look theres a model with a dished lip.

These XXR wheels are a perfect combination for the Toyota 86 or the Subaru BRZ. These wheels have been developed in different widths and offsets to suit perfectly either tucked into the guards, or poking out maximising grip levels.

There are four different styles that are available for the 86:

XXR 527

XXR 530

XXR 521

XXR 535

Just by looking at the wheel design, you could tell it is Japanese inspired. Combine this with the 86 and you have a winning combination. Here’s a quick look at a few different 86’s that are rolling on these wheels.

TRD 86 with XXR 527 in Matte Black

Toyota 86 on XXR 527 in Matte Bronze

Toyota 86 with XXR 527 in Gold

Toyota 86 with XXR 530 in Matte Black

Toyota 86 with XXR 530 in Matte Black

Toyota 86 with XXR 535 in Silver

Toyota 86 with XXR 535 in Matte Black

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