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Continuing our theme of showing you some tough cars running XXR wheels, we came across the unique R33 Nissan Skyline GTS25T on XXR 527s. Hailing from the UK, I can;t say as I have seen an R33 that looks quite like this locally, and probably won’t anytime soon. R33 GTSTs have been a popular car in Australia for the last 15 years, and still offer great value for money if you can find one that has life left in it.

We hope this story inspires you, whether you have owned an R33 or not. If it inpsires you to look at Ozzy Tyres’s range of XXR wheels, then be sure to hit up ozzytyres.com.au for more info.

The Nissan Skyline is a line of sports cars originally produced by the Prince Motor Company starting in 1955 and then sold to Nissan after the companies merged in 1966. The later models are most commonly known by their trademark round brake and tail lights. The R33 Skyline was introduced in August 1993. Slightly heavier than the R32, it is available in coupe and sedan bodystyles with a 6-cylinder engine. Dale Hunt’s R33 however, has been through thick and thin – originally a non-runner, it was Dale’s duty to make this car a dream come true…

Since 2009, Dale has been the proud owner of this notorious sky blue Nissan that everyone has an eyegasm over everytime they see it. However, it’s not always been the ray of sunshine that your looking at now. Dale bought the R33 as non-runner from a friend of his and originally planned to get it running and to use it as a fast road car, although it couldn’t be anything different! Now a trailer-queen, the Skyline was used as a drift car for Dale to learn in, and what a great teacher she is!

Five years down the line and Dale mentions how the car has just gone from strength to strength as each year came by. With nearly 400bhp under the bonnet, the Skyline is just as provocative as she looks going round the track and hearing the sweet sound of the RB25DET that can only be seen as one of Nissan’s finest masterpieces.

Everyone knows that this car is a special one, and Dale remarks how well it drives and handles always stuns him. “I have driven smaller, faster and lighter cars but when this skids it makes me smile. The build has been a rollercoaster at times, but like any other it has been worth it!

Like any like-minded car enthusiast with a budget, Dale said to himself that there will be no more cars sitting on his driveway, until this came up at a price that was impossible to resist. But after the transformation that the Nissan has been through, the purchase was worth it – and with a new look for 2014 the car is sure to look absolutely awesome!

A lot of people have helped with various stages of the build but my main Wing Man throughout has been my good mate AJ. Also huge thanks to Tobi, Jim, Christian, Paul and all the lads at TCH who also helped.”

Specs list as follows:


RB25DET Engine

ARP Rod Bolts

CP Racing Forged Pistons

ARP Head Studs

HKS 1.2mm Head Gasket

HKS Timing Belt

Walbro Fuel Pump

Blitz 444cc Injectors

Nismo Fuel Pressure Regulator

T3-T4 Super Hybrid Turbo

Blitz Grade 8 Spark Plugs

Splitfire Coil Packs

Apexi Power FC

Apexi AVCR

HKS Boost Gauge

HKS Turbo Timer

Apexi Air Filter

Japspeed Turbo Elbow

Kakimoto Exhaust System

GTR Front Mount Intercooler with hard pipe kit

Greddy External Oil Filter and Oil Cooler

Japspeed Alloy Radiator

Driftworks Oil Filler Cap

Air Conditioning Removed

Chassis and Drive Train:

Cusco Front Strut Brace

Daiyama Coilovers

Tein Steering Arms

Tein Track Rod Ends

Spaced Steering Rack

Driftworks Geomaster Front Tension Rods

Driftworks Offset Rack Spacers

Driftworks Geomaster Front Hubs

Driftworks Lower Front Suspension Arms

SuperPro Solid Front Drop Links

Japspeed Front Upper Camber Arms

Japspeed Rear Upper Camber Arms

Japspeed Rear Upper Control Arms

GTR Rear Strut Brace

GTR Rear Antiroll Bar

SuperPro Solid Rear Drop Links

Driftworks Rear Subframe Bushes

Driftworks Total HICAS Eliminator

Garage-D 6 Puck Paddle Clutch with RPS Pressure Plate

Cusco Short Gear Shifter

Cusco 2 Way Rear Differential

Wheels and Brakes:

9.75j 18” XXR 527 Wheels in flat black ET20

235/40/18 Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 Tyres

Brembo Black Drilled and Grooved Discs Front and Rear

Hawk Carbon Fibre Front Pads

Mintex Race Rear Pads

Goodrich Braided Brake Hoses Front and Rear

Designation Custom Front to Rear Braided Brake Hoses


Vertex Front Bumper

Customer GTR Style Vented Front Fenders

URAS Side Skirts

URAS Rear Bumper

40mm Wider GTR Style Rear Arches

GTR Front Grill

Ganador Mirrors

Driftworks Front and Rear Tow Eyes

HID Headlamps

Rocket Bunny Rear Spoiler

Custom Bonnet

Aerocatch Locking Flush Fit Bonnet Pins

Painted in Outrageous Light Blue


Sound Deadening Removed

6 Point FIA Apex Full Roll Cage

Razo Pedals

Broadway Mirror

Custom Dash and Switch Panels

Corbeau Sprint XL Bucket Seats

Driftworks Low Mount Seat Frames

Driftworks 3” 4 Point Harnesses

JDM Crystal Gear Knob

Driftworks Snap Off Steering Boss

OMP Corsica Steering Wheel

Hand Brake modified to ‘fly off’

Wilwood Hydraulic Hand Brake with custom DM Motorsports Lever

Wilwood Line Lock Valve

Battery Cut Off Switch with pull cables

Plumbed In Lifeline Zero 2000 2.5L Fire Extinguisher with pull cables

OBP Passengers Alloy Foot Plate

Photos: Cameron McKenzie

Words: Karina Mayes

Car: Dale Hunt


SOURCE: http://slammedia.net/notorious-blue

Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code