A tyre is the only point of contact between the driver, the road and has a massive impact on the safety of your car. Tyres usually wear out caused by the incredible grip on the road causing friction, particularly since they don’t wear out evenly. However after a long period of repeatedly using the same tyres, it is essential to change your tyres to ensure consistent stability, braking, handling, suspension and performance for your vehicle in the best conditions possible.

Tyre Safety

Australian consumers are currently at risk of purchasing cheap low quality standard tyres, due to the lack of regulation in comparison to countries in the EU, US (in 2012) and Japan; which require manufactures to have clear rating labels for tyres based on levels of grip, noise and air pollution. This is to be attached to aftermarket and new cars at their point of sale.

When to replace your tyres

Therefore it is always important to check your car tyres regularly for visible signs of damage and tear on a week to fortnightly basis. There are few ways to indicate when it is the right time to replace them:

1. Look out for signs of uneven wear on the tread bars. If there are no groove lines or if they wear down to a depth of 1.5mm of a pattern remaining then it is unroadworthy.

2. If they do have sufficient tread, depending on the size of your vehicle and tyres, it is strongly suggested to change them after 40000-60000km of driving.

3. You can also check the age of a tyre by looking at the TIN (Tyre identification number) that shows the date of the tyre manufacture, located on the sidewall. Generally anything more than five years is not recommended as there are many defect and safety issues.

4. Even if you have a spare, by not regularly checking the air pressure, it can potentially be in a much worse position than the tyre you are meant to replace.

By not checking for signs and changing your tyres regularly, your vehicle is in higher risk of also needing to change other car parts such as your suspension, breaking. This will only cause unnecessary increasing costs for maintaining your vehicle. It is therefore crucial to take your tyres to a trusted dealer which can provide a person with the knowledge and reliable service necessary to benefit a customer for the long run.