Pirelli Scorpion Tyres for Every Road in Australia

The all-rounder you need on your vehicle. Pirelli Scorpion mag wheels, tyres and rims are an excellent choice whether you live in the city our out bush. Available in a range of sizes to suit every vehicle from compacts to big four-wheel drives, they’re a consistent market leader in Australia and globally.

One of the largest and the oldest tyre manufacturers, Pirelli is the choice of drivers around the world from rally car drivers to busy parents. With more than 140 years of experience in the design, manufacture and supply of tires, choosing Pirelli means choosing a respected brand with a proven reputation for quality and longevity on any surface. Make an investment in the quality and comfort of your drive and put the best rubber Italy has to offer on your car.


Pirelli Scorpion Tyres

Perfect for the highway and the back way

Built tough for off-road, the Pirelli Scorpion rims and tyres deliver an exceptionally smooth ride on paved surfaces, offering substantial mileage advantages over comparable models. Perfect for the Australian lifestyle, they’ll take you from school pick-up to family vacations in the country, delivering control across every kilometre of road.

Designed for safety in every environment and on every surface, Scorpions provide exceptional control during braking and cornering, reducing the risk of aquaplaning in wet conditions. Equipped with a self-cleaning tread pattern, even the muddiest unpaved road won’t leave your tires slick and dangerous when you return to the blacktop. If you’re not sure where the road will take you, make the safe bet and invest in a set of Scorpions for your car, available in all common sizes.

Get the best for your vehicle

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