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Pirelli P4000 SuperTouring Australia

The P4000 SuperTouring gives you the legendary Pirelli performance with an exceptionally smooth ride and very quiet tire. The P4000 SuperTouring gives enough performance to satisfy all but the most aggressive driver, while maintaining its luxury oriented manners.

Pirelli has engineered the P4000 Super Touring tyre to overcome many of the performance and handling tradeoffs often encountered when constructing all-season tyres. The P4000 Super Touring tyre offers excellent wet weather handling thanks to higher levels of grip and effective water dispersion. This tyre delivers a precise steering response, enhanced vehicle stability and a long tread life.

The P4000 Super Touring tyre is also available with black or white sidewalls to match your vehicle. If you are looking for a performance tyre for all-seasons, then you should buy the P4000 Super Touring tyre.

The Pirelli P4000 Super Touring eliminates the design compromises found in many other “touring” and all-season tires. Which means besides its exceptional all-season performance, the

P4000 Super Touring also delivers superior handling, long treadlife plus a quiet, comfortable ride.

Its advanced and all synthetic tread compound helps the tire to be always ready on any surface condition providing a secure grip in traction and in breaking even on light snow.

Tread pattern

Highly refined P-metric all-season award-winning design.

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Ozzy Tyres Coupon Code