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Nitto Brand LogoNitto Tyres are high-performance tyres for 4WD enthusiasts. These all-purpose tyres are available for all types of cars and trucks for any requirement, namely street trucks, rock crawling, mud, European cars, off-road, luxury vehicles, SUV, domestic, tuner, road racing, drag racing, and the list goes on. Since these tyres are manufactured and tested in state-of-the-art, well-furnished facilities in Japan and the United States, Nitto is able to provide unmatchable performance tyres for the most serious car buffs.Ozzy Tyres is your premium dealer for Nitto Tyres. Check out our fantastic range of Nitto Tyres here, or read on to know more about our bestselling Nitto Models.



Four Wheel Drive Tyre Patterns for Off-road Maniacs!


Nitto Terra Grappler™Best Suited for Light Trucks and SUVs for all Seasons and Terrains
Nitto Terra GrapplerThe Terra Grappler has been rated one of the best tyres by a leading consumer magazine for its impeccable balance of wet and dry performance, along with delivering comfort with negligible road noise. Lateral voids and deep sides of this tyre are carefully arranged to efficiently channel away water. The tyre treads feature coupling blocks for enhanced traction handling and traction. Comparing to other off-road Tyre patterns, the Terra Grappler provides stable performance in all weather conditions and over all terrains.


Nitto Trail Grappler™ Best Suited for Light Trucks and SUVs for all Seasons and TerrainsNitto Trail GrapplerThe Trail Grappler MT combines some of the on-road performance of the Terra Grappler™ (read above) with the off-road performance of the Mud Grappler™ (read below), to create a tyre that is both aggressive and discreet. The 3-ply sidewall with a steep turn-up build acts an added layer of support to strengthen its puncture resistance. The technology that is used to manufacture these tyres also helps in making these off-road tyres less audible while on the move. Nitto’s branded, automatic engineering is able to seamlessly produce uniform tyres effortlessly.



Nitto Mud Grappler™ Best Suited for Light Trucks and SUVs for all Seasons and TerrainsNitto Mud GrapplerThe Mud Grappler is a leading tyre pattern from Nitto that provides reliable off-road grip over various terrains, whether it is rock, dirt, or mud. The enormous side hauls and 3ply polyester side build adds even more defence against unfortunate punctures when facing the most stimulating off-road hurdles.  The quality and uniformity of the Mud Grappler is undoubtedly the best amongst Nitto’s Tyre range due to the extensive state-of-the-art manufacturing process. Be it a pile of rocks, or a boulder, the Mud Grappler can climb over anything that you throw at it.





Say Hello To The Nitto Tyres Performance Series


Nitto NT05 TyreBest suited for Summer / Passenger Vehicles / Max PerformanceNitto NT05 Performance TyresThe NT05 is a max performance tyre that is made using next-gen computer simulation and expansive on-track analysis. These methods of development along with extremely demanding quality standards help produce a street tyre that is able to provide a responsive and detailed performance and handling. The endless centre rib reliably provides best tread contact with the road to make the most of dry performance.



Nitto Invo TyreBest suited for Summer / Passenger Vehicles / Ultra High PerformanceNitto Invo Performance TyreTo meet the ever-growing demands of the most sophisticated automotive enthusiasts, Nitto compromised nothing in ride refinement or performance to create a privileged driving experience through its Invo Tyre series.  Using high-tech computer simulation applications and digital audio analysis equipment, Nitto has designed a tread pattern that reduces apparent road noise, delivers exciting handling in both wet and dry conditions and provides excellent ride comfort.



Nitto NT01 TyreBest Suited for Summer / Passenger Vehicles / CompetitionNitto NT01 Performance TyreThe NT01 Tyre is a Department of Transportation compliant dry race tyre. It is designed with the casual street racer in mind.  This tyre was Nitto’s reply for a tyre that provides the best balance of consistency, traction and longevity, and heat cycle performance.The sidewall build of the tyre is designed for a sharp steering response, increased driver confidence and accurate feedback. The NT01 Tyre delivers consistent and balanced lap times for both the track day enthusiasts and professional racers. The tyre is recommended for dry competition use only.


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