Nitto Terra Grappler G2 Review


Nitto in Australia

Nitto tyres have come a long way in the past 10 years. Originated in Japan and made by Toyo these tyres were made for the USA market to attack another side of the market and not conflict with the mother company Toyo. The Nitto tyres cover all areas and have been majority very popular in the Motorsport scene and also the 4×4 scene which is very famous in USA.

Nitto Motorsport tyres include the NT05, NT01 and also a unique performance branded tyre,  Nitto Invo. It is worth noting that the Nitto product was made famous in Australia by Ozzy Tyres as we were the first wheel & tyre retailer to push and sell Nitto in Australia many years ago. Due to our successful business, Nitto finally came here and opened up the distribution which made the brand more household and mainstream. Nitto has the NT series like the NT555 which was famous but taken over by the Invo. The invo is the most creative tyre pattern seen in the world history. It looks amazing and performs just as good. Made from 15 inch all the way up to the 22 inch . At Ozzy Tyres we can cater for all your Nitto tyre needs.

NT05 and NT01

The NT05 and Nt01 are famous semi slick tyres used both on and off the track . They are street legal so many people in Australia are using these tyres to gain the extra grip both on the track and on the streets. Most performance based vehicles struggle with traction and are always looking for extra help to stick on the roads and on track. Even the circuit racing like the EVOs and the WRX vehicles are using these tyres to gain extra times on their timesheets. Quarter mile racing is also a fun track time for others who are using the NT05 and NT01 to reduce their quarter mile times. Vehicles such and Skylines and Holden Commodore and Fords have been impressed with the results. Usually slick tyres for racing are made in smaller sizes and are very expensive. The Nitto tyres are very good value as they will not break the bank and afford a couple sets compared to some other USA brands.


We noticed that the 4×4 scene in Australia has sky rocketed based on all the vehicles such as the Ford Ranger, Toyota Hilux , Nissan Navara and others similar. They all are changing their wheels and are running the All-Terrain tyres and Mud tyres both on and off-road. The Nitto Terra Grappler is the most popular of the All-Terrain tyres, than there is the Terra Grappler G2. There is a new All Terrain as the Ridge Grappler which is a nice mix between the Mud Terrain and the All-Terrain. The Mud series or MT range has the Mud Grappler and the Trail Grappler which will get you moving through the mud on your adventures. Be sure to call 1300699699 for the best deal on all Nitto tyres in all sizes available for your ride. Dual Sidewall Designs

Each tyre  has two sidewall designs so you can choose the look and how it performs. On the Nitto Terra Grappler new G2 1 side is  an aggressive version same as Terra Grappler with the  thunderbolt and on the flip side it  displays the modern blade pattern.

This will give you the option of what look and what design you are looking for.

These tyres will perform over bumps and in all different types of on road and off road conditions. Our prices are the best on the market and can fit and balance to your vehicle or ship these Australia wide to your doorsteps using direct freight and ensuring you get the taste and experience of the ever so famous Nitto tyres. Ozzy Tyres will help you choose the right Nitto tyres for your ride and enjoy whether it be a track vehicle, daily driver or off-road warrior like us help you choose Nitto and explain the benefits of these amazing tyres..


PHOTO: Nitto’s G2 will eventually replace the original Terra Grappler. The G2 improves upon the first tire by offering full-depth siping, reinforced coupling joints and a more aggressive sidewall design (in fact, two of them – see below for more info).


Tire Specs: Nitto Terra Grappler G2

Tire Size (as tested): 265x65R17
Sizes Currently Available: 46 (17-22 in. wheels), 55 avail. in future
Load/Speed: N/A
Load Rating: C Load (2-ply rating)
Approved Rim Width Range: 7.5-9.5
Weight: 36 lbs.
Tread Depth (1/32”): 12.9
Overall Diameter (inflated): 30.55 in.
Overall Width (inflated): 10.71 in.
Max Load (single): 2,756 lbs.
Max Pressure: 50 PSI
Revs Per Mile: N/A


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