The rims on your Nissan Navara are a statement of intent

The rims on any vehicle can make the difference between it blending in with the rest of the traffic and it turning heads at every set of lights.

If you’re looking at buying a new set of rims, a balance of practicality and style is likely to be high on your agenda. But for the average passer by, this is what your choice of rims could say about you.


The “nothing can stop me” rims

The Navara is a tough looking vehicle as it is. Rims like the KMC HEIST XD 16X8 add to that by giving the look of strength and durability. The ten spoke design isn’t going to win any beauty contests but it definitely looks like it will stand up to anything you can throw at it. To make sure your Navara is ready for the rough stuff, make sure you go for 16 inch rims to allow enough space to get some chunky tyres on there too.

The “I mean business” rims

If you use your Navara as a business vehicle, an element of professionalism is likely to be one of your criteria when choosing your rims. The VERTINI VOS WINGS 20X9 have a simple but effective design which wouldn’t look out of place on a Mercedes or BMW. The good news is, Vertini class this rim as an off road rim meaning it’s practical and good looking. Naturally, the colour of your rims will vary depending on the colour of your Navara but we reckon you can’t go wrong with black for a bit of sophistication.


The “blink and you’ll miss me” rims

If you’ve got a bit of a heavy right foot, you might want to choose a rim that reflects your need for speed (disclaimer: your choice of rims doesn’t mean you can break the speed limit). The LEXANI LX10 24X9.5 features a multi spoke design which is inset just like an F1 car! As they’re 24 inch, you can choose low profile tyres to give your Navara a sporty look like it’s a prop forward who thinks he’s a winger.


The “I avoid parallel parking at all costs” rims

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of bling but scratched bling isn’t a good look! You’re reading this thinking “I’m a pro at parallel parking” but everyone has their off days and imagine how you’d feel when you hear the crunch of the kerb against your beautiful KMC KM677 20X8.5 rims. With rims like these, you’ll probably end up spending a small fortune getting them professionally washed every other day and you’ll also spend longer parking just to find that low-risk parking spot. It’ll all be worth it though because these rims are the boss!


So what sort of Nissan Navara owner are you? Which rims do you think suit you? Tell us on facebook and post up pictures of your rims.

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