Australia is unique in many ways and one of the major things that sets Australia apart from other nations is it’s varied landscape and terrain. You can purchase tyres from all over the world but these tyres will be designed with a very broad spectrum of terrains in mind. Monsta Tyres on the other hand are designed right here in Australia. That means from their birth they’ve been focused on meeting the challenges of the Australian landscape.

Monsta tyres are tested to destruction to make sure they can cope with anything Australia can throw at them. That includes rapidly changing temperatures, rocky terrain, wet terrain, muddy terrain, sand and steep inclines. Naturally, before you get to the rough stuff, there’s a bit of highway driving to be done so Monsta also design their tyres with on-road comfort in mind.

Monsta currently offer two models of tyre which means they have a very specific focus and the quality of these tyres is second to none. The two models offer a slightly different balance of off road performance and on-road comfort so there’s a versatile Monsta Tyre to suit your requirements.

Although Monsta Tyres pride them selves on being a specialist, premium tyre brand, that doesn’t mean you have to pay premium prices. In fact, Monsta Tyres are very affordable but still offer the durability you’d expect from a high end manufacturer.

Finally, the look of Monsta Tyres is a bold one. They’re one of the few tyre manufacturers to produce tyres with solid white writing built in to the rubber. That means no paint or adhesives; which in turn means that white writing won’t scratch or pull off with wear.


Here’s the break down on each of the Monsta Tyres products.


Monsta RT Hybrid:

Monsta Tyres Terrain gripper

Choose the Terrain Gripper for an all rounder tyre suited to those who use their 4×4 for everyday life as well as adventuring.

One of the best features of the Terrain Gripper is the ride comfort. These tyres reduce vibrations and noise when driving on normal tarmac but still offer performance off road.

No one likes having to replace their tyres so the tread life was an important consideration when designing these tyres. The quality of the materials and workmanship mean that these tyres will go on and on and provide great value for money.


Monsta Tyres Mud Warrior

As the name suggests, the Mud Warrior is a mud tyre designed for tackling the ever-changing conditions of the out back. These tyres aren’t for the faint hearted – they’re for the adventurers and those who want to push the limits of their vehicles and their driving ability. These tyres will stand up against all the rugged terrain the Australian outback has to offer and will help you go further, faster steeper and deeper into the bush. The water dispersing design allows them to slice through the surface and keep the tread clear of debris so that full traction is always maintained.

Let’s face it though, you’re always going to need to get on the road before you get to the fun stuff. So, the Mud Warrior has also been designed to reduce noise and vibration so that you make it to your destination without your ears bleeding.

Monsta Extreme Mud:

 Extreme Mud tyres are designed to take anything Australia can throw at it. Other tyres are designed for global markets but Monsta Tyres are designed specifically around what Aussies face day in day out.

Buying Monsta Tyres online

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Monsta Tyres delivered to your door

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Get your Monsta Tyres fitted for free

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