Monsta Tyres

Australia has a large spike in 4x4 vehicles in the past 5 years. The 4x4 is now used as an everyday drive not just a recreational vehicle or tradesman’s vehicle.

We have the largest 4x4 wheel range and the Tyre of choice for the Aussie market is Monsta tyres !

Australia is unique in many ways and one of the major things that sets Australia apart from other nations is it’s varied landscape and terrain. You can purchase tyres from all over the world but these tyres will be designed with a very broad spectrum of terrains in mind. Monsta Tyres on the other hand are designed right here in Australia. That means from their birth they’ve been focused on meeting the challenges of the Australian landscape.

Monsta Tyres have become one of Australia’s 4x4 tyre of choice for many reasons. Thes are some of the reasons why:

  • Value for money
  • Low road noise
  • Strong sidewalls
  • Long lasting treat
  • Variety of sizes to suit the Australian market
  • Designed in Australia
  • Raised White Lettering
  • Wet weather performance


Monsta tyres are tested to destruction to make sure they can cope with anything Australia can throw at them. That includes rapidly changing temperatures, rocky terrain, wet terrain, muddy terrain, sand and steep inclines. Naturally, before you get to the rough stuff, there’s a bit of highway driving to be done so Monsta also design their tyres with on-road comfort in mind.

Monsta currently offer 4 models of tyre which means they have a very specific focus and the quality of these tyres is second to none. The two models offer a slightly different balance of off road performance and on-road comfort so there’s a versatile Monsta Tyre to suit your requirements.

The Terrain Gripper is the All terrain pattern and most popular. Than you have the Mud Warrior, Extreme Mud and the all new RT Hybrid out soon.


Although Monsta Tyres pride themselves on being a specialist, premium tyre brand, that doesn’t mean you have to pay premium prices. In fact, Monsta Tyres are very affordable but still offer the durability you’d expect from a high end manufacturer. So value for money is a key factor of its success. Pay the least for the best in other words.

Make Monsta Tyres your choice for your 4x4 today at Ozzy Tyres.