MOMO Wheels: The Essence of Italian Craftsmanship at Ozzy Tyres

At Ozzy Tyres, were committed to providing the widest selection of quality wheels.
That’s why we stock an exclusive range of Momo Wheels for your vehicle. With a selection of custom-designed colours and styles, Momo gives you a taste of Europe’s finest quality.

Forged using industry-leading technology, our Momo Wheels give you undeniable quality mixed with a classic style of Italian precision.

We give you a smooth ride, along with that irresistible new tyre smell, all at our low wholesale prices Australia-wide.

Backed by our lifetime structural warranty and 20 years of industry excellence, Ozzy Tyres is the ultimate hub for all your tyre needs.


A Glimpse into MOMO’s Legacy

Founded in 1964, MOMO has etched its mark in the automobile industry with its iconic wheels. The brand name, derived from its founder Giampiero Moretti and Monza circuit, encapsulates the essence of Italian design and racing heritage. MOMO wheels are not just products; they are a statement, an embodiment of passion, and a testament to decades of innovation.

Momo Wheels, Go Better For Longer

Momo Wheels are made from a blend of the highest quality materials using cutting-edge solutions, giving you the best of what the industry has to offer.

Designed for maximum support, Momo Wheels open a new world of precision steering and traction, ready to guide you over the toughest of obstacles.

Momo Wheels allows the driver to travel at high speeds within the given limit without danger. Momo Wheels are also lightweight for minimum resistance, delivering seamless rotation to get you there quicker and letting you tackle the terrain whether it’s rain, hail, or shine. Let only the best in suspension control maneuver over any surface, no matter the terrain.

Momo Wheels are specially designed to be lightweight, minimizing weight resistance and giving you maximum flow at high speeds.

For a truly superior level of performance and control, indulge yourself in Momo Wheels to feel the difference of quality.

Momo Wheels; A Classic Treasure Of Italian Style

Momo Wheels are worked down to the finest of details, carefully constructed to give you a timeless look of perfection straight from the humble Italian beginnings.

Illuminate your ride for its true worth and take the streets in unmatched style.

Momo Wheels create a deep perception of authority and culture, giving you a universal edge in antithetical class.

Whether you’re after something flashy or subtle, Ozzy Tyres can help you achieve that look of style your car deserves.

Justify that mean performance with a hint of elegance and style, putting you in an elite class of your own wherever you go.

With just the right level of shine, you’ll be amazed at the fashion that comes with this much power.

For a truly good journey, come into Ozzy Tyres and feel the difference of Momo Wheels.

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